Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    Set up beer unit for a few crores only

    Beer Manufacturing Plant Iam Interested to know more details about project cost, finance, reports. Gopikrishna
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    Dairy Farm

    Robots in Dairy Farms Currently in the Indian Dairy farms Manpower is the Major problem. To overcome from that i feel ROBOTS are one of the best source in cleaning, house keeping, Milking etc areas of Dairy project. Is there any one who can advise me the details. Thanks...
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    Profitable Business Opportunity -AP

    Hi, I have 10 acres of land near Ongole, it is 40kms towards Podili. From Highway 1.5 kms only, and land is having gravel road access, water facility. For further details you can mail me
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    Wanted Agriculture land in Andhra pradesh

    I am looking for Agriculture land in Andhra with road and water facilities upto 50 acres at good price.
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    Set up small/large beverage industry related factories

    I would like to start Mango pulp or Mango juice processing plant. Do you have it? Gopikrishna
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    Mango pulp or Juice processing plant suppliers or Manufacturers

    Hi, We are from Andhrapradesh and having around 1000 acres of Mango farms, we would like to go for a mango pulp or processing plant. Iam looking for Manufacturers or suppliers who can do this project from A -Z. Please advise me or contact me......
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    Wanted Agri-workers in Barshi,Solapur

    I am looking for 5 no's workers to work in Dairy farm in Prakasham district, Andhrapradesh, India. Good salary and accommodation will be provided. Please send details... Please contact...
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    Dairy Farming

    Hi Srinivas, Iam from Andhra pradesh, Prakasham District. I have 10 acres of land which is not cultivated for so long time, i would like to use this for Dairy farm. In this i have few questions like... For 50 Cows or Buffalo’s 1. What type of permissions from govt I have to take and where can...