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    Question What to grow in Bangalore now(June 2020) ?

    Go for hydroponics - Coriander , celery and herbs
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    For Sale Chia Seeds black available in bulk

    Naturally grown chia seeds available in bulk quantity for sale ( black , processed and cleaned). Let me know if any interested.
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    Event Talk with Mr. Parthasaradhi Nara on "Organic, natural farming & marketing organic produce"

    Hi Team, Could you kindly share Mr. Parthasaradhi Nara contact number Thanks Sanjay
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    Event "Tour of organic desi cow farming" by Mr. Kailas Ramasamy

    Hi, Could you kindly share the link for the above recording Thanks, Sanjay
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    For Sale Organic Products

    Hi , Could you kindly share your contact number. Thanks,
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    For Sale A2 Deshi Ghee or Organic Ghee

    Hi Could you send me the bulk price and all the certificates. Please share your contact number too.. Thanks
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    Wanted Millets Needed

    Hi.. Please share your number.. I need regular supply to near Mysore
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    Wanted Millets Needed

    Hi Ramesh, Do u sell organic millets ?
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    Event Talk with Mr Ravi Sajjanar on "Selling farmers' produce directly to various big retail units in Bengaluru"

    Hi How to watch the recording of past unable to find the right option