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    Available Dairy Farm / Cattle Management Software

    Hi I am intrested in ur software, also do u have software on farm management. Mail all details
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    Healthy male and female english bulldog puppies for adoption!!

    Hi, I am from Goa, And Interested to adopt. Pls mail
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    Great Fencing Products @ Best Rates!

    Hi I am from Goa and I am interested in hot dip galvanized posts pls mail us details of sizes along with prices our requirement is of 500 poles for electric fencing of 6 ft height in 1st lot pls mail us on
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    Desi cow for sale

    Pls mail details
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    teak plant sale

    Dear Sir, I am interested in buying pls mail your Id and phone number
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    country chicks, giriraja chicks, Turkey chicks, Fighting cocks are for sale

    Hi I am from Goa and I am interested in starting a poultry with country chick / Giriraja chicks / Turkey birds Pls furnish me the rate for 1 day and 15 day old chicks on my email id Regards Sandeep Keni
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    Packaging nets for fruits/Vegetable

    Pls mail ur details
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    Sandalwood seedlings

    I am interested in buying the seedlings pls quote price per plant onand how much plants can be planted in an acre of plot
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    organic vegetable seeds sale

    we are setting up a new organic farm in Maharashtra, We would glad if you pls specify what organic seeds varieties you deal in and your location and details. Also specify in what other items you deal with relatioon to organic farming
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    High Quality Bio Fertilizer, Bio Pesticide and Fungicides for Sale

    pls send complete details . We are developing an organic farm in goa
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    High Quality Bio Fertilizer, Bio Pesticide and Bio Fungicides for Sale

    pls send complete details . We are developing an organic farm in goa
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    G9 Banana Tissue Culture Plants for sale

    pls give complete details . We planning for planting bananas in 10 acres of land in Goa Maharashtra
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    We are offering excellent quality teak plants for sale

    I m from Goa pls send ur contact so as we can contact. Our requirement is all most 4000 to 5000 plants
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    120 Acres for SALE going very cheap [including Post Diary Farm with buffalos and Cows

    120 Acres Land I m from Goa Can u just mail me the location and price expectd my email Id
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    Grass cutter/brush cutter/paddy cutter for sale in a.p

    Hi I am from Goa and i would be intrested in knowing more about Grass cutter / paddy cutter specially rate / make / and technical details if possible send brochers to e mail Regards Keni
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    mini tractor

    Quote for the tractor I m based in Goa, Pls send me the details of the tractor along with the rate expected and also the place where we can inspect the same
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    Tissue culture G9 banana plants for sale

    We are developing a farm of 50 acres in Goa / Maharashtra Border and wish to cultivate banana in about 10 acres of land can u just guide us about the same, how much will be the plantation cost and wat will be the harvest earning so as i can be prepared for the same
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    Vermi Compost

    i m developing a new farm in goa, and intend to do organically can u just mail me ur rates, FOR Dodamargh ( maharashtra) on Goa Border
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    Passion fruit

    hI I M developing a farm on Goa / maharashtra border of about 50 acres and wish to plant varieties of plant can u just guide me which all plants i can plant and which all plants u can supply pls mail me
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    Turkey Chicks for Sale

    I m from Goa and intend to start a 50 acres farm, of various activities in farming out of which i also intend to breed some tukies can u just guide me