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    Desi Cow - Goumuthra & Cow Dung

    Hi, We need Desi Gomuthra for Natural farming near Hyderabad, If any supplier is in this group, then please share your details and Price quote. Thanks Sanagala
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    Desi Cow - Goumuthra & Cow Dung

    Hello, I need Desi GoMuthra & Cow Dung for Natural farming near Hyderabad for weekly basis, if any supplier is in this forum, then please share your details and price quote. Thanks Sanagala
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    Dairy Farm Equipment

    Dear Vinay, Please let me know your budget, did you canstucted your shed ? which location you are from ? so that we can advise
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    3.5 Acres Land for Sale @ Hyderabad, Telangana

    We have 3.5 Acres Commercial Land for sale @ Excellent location in Hyderabad, its around 5kms from Outer Ring Road. If anyone interested then please contact me. Govardhan 0 9948 23 20 91 Hyderabad - Telangana
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    how to make raw cow milk into pocket milk to distibuter

    Hello.. please let me know you are from and hocmuch milk you can supply per day ?? Thanks
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    I have 2 acers of land

    Hello Vrushali,, Please let me know complete details of your land (Red Soil or Black) and water sources etc, and exact area where it comes and BT route facilty etc. Thanks
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    home business

    Hello,, Please provide complete details like howmuch space you have on Terrace, Do you have any experience like that..then its easy to suggest.. Thanks
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    Required Project report for Capsicum in Polyhouse/Greenhouse

    Poly house Hello ... Poly house is not required to grow gerbera flowers. first you try with less investment like greean houses..that too temporary mode lessthan 2lakhs investment for 1000 SQ yards. You go and visit your nearby nurseries. Thanks
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    Cattle feed

    Hello, I want to buy cattle feed...if any one has interest supply at low cost then please contact us... Our Farm is located near Hyderabad.. Sriram Dairy farms
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    Cattle feed

    Hello, I want to buy cattle feed...any one can supply at low rates then please contact s... Sriram Dairy arm
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    Cattle feed very chep rates

    Hello... We have dairy at Hyderabad..Andhra Pradesh......we are interested to take your products...please let me know you are the supplier of only corn or dairy cattle feed....please send the quotation with details so that i can contact you .... Regards Sunil S
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    Murrah female calves for sale

    Hello Vijay.... I m interested to purchase murrah calfs..will you please send the photos... Regards Sunil S
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    Cattle feed for dairy cattle

    Hello Manikkamani.... Let me know the price of each bag...we need 5 tonnes per month.... Please send me the good quote... Regards Sunil S
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    Agri cum dairy farm workers

    dairy farm workers Hello... We are also looking for the same...we need dairy Farm workers...our farm located at [medak dist...65kms from Hyderabad towards Nagpur road..... Please contact us... Hyderabad...Andhra Pradesh TE=jitendrasuryavanshi;308525]I am interested in hiring dairy farm...
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    Reg - Murrah Buffaloes for sale

    reg - murrah buffalo's for sale Hello.... We got gud price and this deal vs completed...we have taken advance amount also....please ignore about these buffalo's sale post..... Thanks SRIRAM DAIRYS
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    need azolla seeds for cultivation

    azolla seeds Hello I want to buy seed..but I don't know the complete information About farming of azolla....please let me know the complete process.... Sriram dairy QUOTE=herbs07;306356]Oh , am very delighted to let you know that i can supply you with excellent grade A azolla...
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    Reg - Murrah Buffaloes for sale

    murrah buffalo's for sale Yes...65k is our price...excluding transportation cost...if you don't want calfs then 8k will be deducted on 65k....
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    Reg - Murrah Buffaloes for sale

    Hello.... Recently my friend has purchased 4 heavy murrah buffaloes to their they want to sale that buffaloes... All are 2nd lactation... 3 female calf's and 1 male calf.. calf's are very healthy... Yield 11 liters per day.. With one year insurance also... Their offer Price...
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    Reg - Buffalo Milk

    reg -green grass without land Hello laxman.... Its very interesting..please let me know how can we made fodder without land...please tell me the complete process and machinery cost etc.... Thanks SRIRAM DAIRY Sunil S
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    azola culture for sale

    Reg - Azola farming Hello... please share the details Thanks