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    Spirulina Cultivation

    Kindly send us Spirulina cultivation details in small area my e-mail id is with project cost if any government loan pls send your reply to my e-mail id
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    Anthurium flower

    I have 1.5 acre land in south Tamilnadu near by kerla. pls give the details for Anthurium flower seeds where get from tamilnadu. and also give the all details Anthurium flower send reply to my e-amil id
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    Anthurium flower seeds Anthurium flower seeds where from get it from india. and give to details for how care this plant in india.
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    Organic Cloth for sale

    Details Kindly send to me full details for organic cloth to my e-mail id
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    we can provide commercially viable heliconia planting materials

    viable heliconia I am interested pls send me your full details
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    solar water pumps

    solar Power Pls send technical details quote my e-mail
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    Start your own business

    Bussiness Dear sir, I am interested kindly send your full details
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    For Sale spirulina buying and selling

    spirulina Kindly send your full details to my private e-mail,please contact...
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    Want to earn Rs.10000 or more per month

    Details Dear sir, Yes i am interested, pls send your details our private email,Please contact...
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    Start ur own mushroom farm

    Mushroom i am from Tamilnadu(near Kerala border), i am interested in mushroom's plz let me know how can you guide me pls send your reply my personal e-mail id :
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    No investment

    Deatails Dear sir Pls send details to my e-mail:
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    Biomass products

    Place Dear sir, Pls inform your require place
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    Profitable flower business ---!!!

    Land Yes i Have 1.5 acre land near Kerala Border Pls send your details our personal mail
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    1000000alovera baby plants available

    Aloe vera plant Dear sir Pls quote your low price, i have interested
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    details Yes i am interested pls send me your details to my private mail:
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    Aloe Baby Plants and Aloe/Amla based Healthcare Products for Private Labelling

    details PLS SEND YOUR DETAILS TO OUR PERSONAL ID.. Please contact..
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    We promote

    details Pls send details
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    Distributors are invited for a high profit product

    details Pls send your full details to me. Please contact..
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    Profit Generating Aloe Vera Plantation

    Aloe vera Kindly send your full details for aloe vera plantation (i have 1.75 Acre land)
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    Food processing projects india

    food projects Dear sir Kindly send us details for making lowest and minimum investment food projects