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    100 acre land availabe for sale 150KMS from bangalore

    I am interested in 10 acres of land, pls send all details
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    cocunut farm land

    Interested in 10 acres, pls send me all details including price
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    1000 acres of land for sale in tamilnadu

    I am interested in buying 20 acres of land, please mail me all details
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    Coconut Farm available for salw

    Interested I am interested, let me know the details and price per acre and your contact details
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    Coconut Farming

    Dear Swamy, Thanks for the wealth of information given, is it OK if I contact you by phone OR meet you. I live in Kochi currently.
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    Natural Fencing

    Dear Friend, What is Natural fencing? Rgds Jayachandran N
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    Coconut Farming

    Dear all, I want to know if there is anybody who is actively doing coconut farming, I want to do coconut farming please advise me on this and if you could share your experience in coconut farming. I am immediately interested in knowing the below... 1) How many plants can be grown in an acre...
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    hosur land for sale

    Dear Ganesan, I am interested in buying this property, send me more details about the land and location
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    Buy agri land in easy monthly installments

    I am interested in buying farm land in monthly instalment, send me more details Rgds Jayachandran N
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    100 acre land availabe for sale 150KMS from bangalore

    Dear Gowda, I will be able to buy only 10 acres of land, I want to do coconut farming. Is it suitable for coconut farming. If you are interested, please send me email Rgds Jayachandran N