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    Agar or Attar plant cultivation

    Where/How can I the seed...? Thanks for your valuable information, as anext step, can you please tell me on where/how I can get the Agar tree seedling/plant? My current location is on Mysore. Thanks, Raghu
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    Agar or Attar plant cultivation

    Friends, Is it good to go for Agar or Attar plantation? any information about this would help very much. Thanks, Raghu
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    Suggestion on Power tiller

    Friends, I am planning to buy an power tiller (in karnataka). Can anybody suggest me which one to buy. Any specific model, attachment etc? Thanks in advance, Raghu
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    Manure/Fertilizers for Teak Tree

    Friends, Can you please tell me what all manures, fertilizers and its quantity should be given for a teak tree which is 8 years old to grow well. We have Teak planted exclusively in 2 acres of land. Thanks, Raghu
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    Numbering trees

    Friends, We have some 500 teak tress which are 8 years old. Since I want to mark the tree with numbers, which is right way (and how) to mark the tree? Like should we scrap the teak tree bark and paint it or will it damage the tree if we scrap the bark etc etc. Please do let me know your...