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    Land available for Contact Farming

    Dear Sir, Good morning, Please tell me how many acre and in which district it is, please provide me the complete details of the land,also if there is any equipments you have there. Remaing things we will finalysed in the meeting. Thanks. Prasadhargoind.
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    Land for sale in Madhya Pradesh (100/500/1000 Acres)

    Hello Sir, please provide me your contact number, Thanks. H.Prasad Delhi.
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    Agri land For Sale in Ghaziabad!!!

    Agri Land Dear Sir/Mam Please provide complete iformation specially price on below mentioned address or contactly on telephone i.e. Thanks. H.Prasad
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    58 acre land in madurai district 75k per acre

    58 Acre land Dear Sir, Please provide me complete information on below mentioned address. Please contact.... Thanks. H.Prasad.
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    3000 acre 35 k per acre

    3000 acre. Dear Sir, Could you clear me regarding 35k? what is this is it Thousand.Lakh, or Carore? this K stand for what? Thanks. Prasad.
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    Land available on lease for growing mustartd@ 2 Rs./sq. yd.

    Regarding land fo lease Dear Sir/mam Please provide me your contact number. Thanks. H.Prasad.
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    610 acres at Thirunalveli dt near sakaran kovil for sale

    Hello, Dear Sir, Please provide your contact numbers and Email address,Please contact.. Thanks. H.Prasad.
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    640 acres @Rs.50,000/acre

    650 Acres of Land. Dear Sir, please provide your contact number and Email address. Please contact.. Thanks. H.Prasad.
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    Start a agro based industry

    Hello, Dear Sir, i am interested to start an agri based industry,Please provide your contact number, so that i can reach to you,please contact... Thanks. H.Prasad.
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    50 to 5,000acres of land for sale

    Hello, Dear Sir, please provide your contact number, secondly write its location and price range and if possible then please write in details on the below given address i.e. Thanks H.Prasad.
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    Agri Land for Sale near Dholera

    Hello Dear Kirpaljee, Please provide your contact number so that i can talk to you,please contact.. Thanks. H.Prasad