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    For Sale STAR ANSISE

    Sir, Yes we have 10 Metric Tonnes ready stock of Star Anise of Vietnam origin packed in 5 Kgs carton packs at Madurai, TamilNadu. Thank You R.THIRAVIDAMANI
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    For Sale STAR ANSISE

    Star Anise of Vietnam origin available for sale
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    For Sale Flower sale

    We require Maulsari and Parijatha Flowers.
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    We require 200 Kgs of dried Maulsari Flowers (Mimusops elengi)
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    For Sale Neem leaf powder

    We require neem leaf powder.
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    Need Essential Oils any and any quantity

    Natural Essential Oils Sir, Please e-mail your name, full postal address, e-mail id, contact numbers etc to to courier samples of essential oils.
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    Honey from Indian Beech flowers

    We have ready stock of 2500 Kgs of Honey (brown in color) from Indian Beech flowers packed in plastic barrels. Please e-mail
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    Gloriosa Superba seed

    Sir, We require Gloriosa Superba seed. Please contact 9443011223 T.Mani
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    Gymnema Sylvestre leaves 60mesh

    We could supply gymnema sylvestre leaves 60 mesh. Please e-mail your name, full address and contact details to to courier samples of leaves for your approval
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    Perry neutraceutical spirulina tablet

    Spirulina Tablets Sir, Please e-mail name, full address, contact numbers and e-mail to courier sample.
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    polyhouse farming

    Please e-mail also to
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    need coleus dry root

    Coleus Sir, We could supply dried roots of Coleus Forksholli. Please e-mail you name,address,contact details to courier samples to you Thank You T.Mani
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    Urginea indica - indian squill

    Sir, Urginea indica - Indian(White) Squill is available with us in wet and dried condition. Please contact 09443011223 or e-mail to Thank You T.Mani
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    Naturally farmed Jaggery

    sugarcane jaggery Sir, We could supply organic jaggery.Please let us know the quantity, packing, delivery place, your full address with contact details etc to Thank You T.Mani
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    Coleus Forksholli

    Coleus I tried to contact over the mobile phone No.09373054348 but no response.Please e-mail SMS your e-mail id to 09443011223
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    Coleus Forksholli

    Hello, I require 2 Kgs fully grown WET coleus roots. Please contact 09443011223 or e-mail to
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    we need organic drumstick leaves in tonnes

    We could supply.Please reply your name , full address, contact numbers to
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    Black pepper sale

    Black Pepper Sir, Please e-mail your contact details to Thank You T.Mani
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    GYMNEMA(Gudmar) demandble crop

    Gymneme sylvestre(gudmar) Sir, Please reply your contact details to T.Mani
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    Seedles cucumber

    Cucumber Please e-mail your contact details to have export enquiries for cucumber. T.Mani