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    Wanted labours

    Ya I know them well,I have seen many cases happened like this from these people. Thanks for your feedback
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    Wanted labours

    Dear all, We have a diary farm in Bangalore which is 25 KM,it starts its activity from 21st of this month. Initially we are planning to start with 10 cows and later for every 6 months 5 cows will be added. For that I need one family labour family who can look after the cows. Work is made...
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    how to make raw cow milk into pocket milk to distibuter

    Hello Sangala, I am setting up a dairy farm near bangalore,I am able to supply pure raw milk made through organic farming. I can deliver 200Ltrs/day initially and later we have a plan of incresing our herds size to 50. Please let me know for further concenrs. Sheshaprasad...
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    Wanted Wanted bulk suppliers of pure Cow's milk in Bangalore

    Dear Divya, I am interested and we are setting up a dairy farm its in launch phase now. Please let me know your contact details to Sheshaprasad 9886664833
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    Maize fodder required

    Dear All, I need maize fodder to make Sailage. This we will require in Tons for every 2-3 months as we have very less land. Please let me know who can supply. Location is Bangalore. Regards, Sheshaprasad 9886664833
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    Green and Dry Fodder avaiable in large quantity

    Hello, I need it on a regular basis,let me know the price for dry and maize fodder. Drop the details to 9886664833
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    Babycorn fodder for sale

    Let me know the price to
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    Maize. 500mt for sale

    Dear Mani, I need it to Bangalore,please send me the cost /ton and terms,conditions. Drop me a mail to asp
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    Hybrid maize crop needed

    Hi All, I need hybrid maize crop grown with cow dung as a manure. I need to make it as sailage. Supply will be to Bangalore. Quantity will be 5 Tons on a trial basis initially and later on 15 Tonns/Months. Please contact me at 9886664833 or Regards, Sheshaprasad
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    cattle suppliers

    Hello Jagan, Are you sure that we are going to get 35Ltrs HF cattles here,I need 10Hfs. I need guranteed commitment if so please let me know what would be the price for that? Sheshaprasad
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    Free Dairy Farm Project

    Dear Sir, Please send it to me my mail ID. It would be very helpful for me. Ph: 9886664833
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    want to buy HF cow

    Hi, Is it ok to get the cows from such a long distance to Bangalore? What would be the best food practices? If they are feeding only dry,green fodders,bovino,etc and now here we feed sailage as the major foods,does it make any difference in yielding?or does it some time to get adjusted to...
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    Milk yield in HF cow

    Hi In a good condition it can give 20Ltrs/day. Regards Sheshaprasad
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    h.f and jersey cattle supplier through out india

    Hello Jagan, Ver r u located,send me your details. I need 10 HF cows of 2nd lactation with good yielding,what would be the cost at the earliest. Please send me a quote to mail id 9886664833
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    Dairy cows

    Dear All, I have heard theat HF cows are haveing capable of very high milk yielding about 30-35 Ltrs a day. Are there realy do in Karnataka region,if so what should be their food habits. Please share our thoughts
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    Dairy Cows

    Dear All, In dairy farming,is milking cow mat really required for HF and Jersy cows? Please share your thoughts. Sheshaprasad
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    6.5 acres of agri land for sale in mysore,

    I am interested,drop your contact details to
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    I am looking for a land

    Dear all, I am looking for 5 acres of land near Mysore, it should be cheap and affordable price with water source if we dig. Please help me out in this request My contact dtails is 9886664833 or
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    i am looking for cheap lands near hyderabad

    Dear Sreenath, This is which place?please come back with full details. My No is 9886664833 or
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    Agricultural land required

    Hi, Uour phone number is not valeed,kindly mail or contact me,9886664833