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    23 acre coffee estate for sale in mudigere

    coffee Hello Prasanna, Please can you mail me to the photos What is the distance of this property from Madikeri town? Does this have a proper road axis? I am keen max of about 8-10 ac property, more towards Coorg side, in the range of 5-7 lakh per ac. Can...
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    Buying Agri Land rules for a Non Agricultural Background

    Dear Kiyran, Please advise me your contacts, e mail,address and tel no, need to discuss on coffee property in coorg, if you have coffe property of 8 ac, advise price range and the rules regarding purchase of such lands. you can reach me thanks, Sunil
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    Properties In Coorg [Scotland of India]

    land in Coorg Please send me your full address and tel no's. Youn can respond to me
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    Land Available Fertile Farm land for sale near Mysore, 2.85 Lakhs/Acre

    land in Mysore Dear Mr Venky, I refer to your advert. Please advise the type of soil and what crops can be grown? can coconut/ fruits be grown? what is the railfall patern? What are the Laws of purchasing land in Karnataka? Will the seller sell, 12 ac? what is the best offer? what is the cost...
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    Land in Namakkal, Tirruchi, Karur & Dindukkal area

    land hello, i am keen on some empty land 12 ac max -out skirts of Pollachi, red soil, should have road, eb, good water source , no legal issues. please send me your details, prices of such lands, suitable for coconut, fruits. advise your e mail and tel no please. thanks, my email is thanks,
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    I Need cheap agri land around Thiruvarur

    land Please can you get me empty land some 12 ac, max 25 km from Pollachi. Red Soil, no rock, no salt, good source of water, should have road front, near village. land suitable for Coconut and fruits. Should have clear title deed, no legal issues. Advise your costs and address Price range...
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    rubber & coffee estates

    please advise where all do you have coffee and rubber properties and what are the price per ac. do you deal in land in Karnataka about 40 km away from Mysore towards Kerala border ? Thanks, Sunil
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    1000 + acres in Tamil Nadu

    I am keen for agriculture land in Coimbatore area suitable for Agriculture. 1. A clear title deed, Empty land only. 2. Road axis a must, should have water source available, red soil with depth of 2mts min, no salt or rock while digging 3. Land suitable for Coconut and Fruits. If you have...
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    7500+ Acres Agricultural Land in Karnataka

    please advise the exact location, type of soil rainfall patern and distance from any Prominent City, what is the depth needed to get water from well, also is there road axis? can you sell in smaller lots, please send your full contact details through PM, what is presently grown there? thanks.
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    Wanted Agri Land in TamilNadu

    please advise near Palani ot 30 km from Pollachi what is the price of empty land with water source, red soil, road axis. send pm, with your contact details
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    Wanted Agri Land in TamilNadu

    i am keen on empty land, what is the type of soil near Palani, what depth we can get water, is empty land available with road axis, what is the price you can get land, what is your email id? please send details thanks
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    5-10 Acres in Tamil Nadu

    Mr Mohan Dear Mr Mohan, I am keen for some empty land 14 ac max , 25km from Pollachi , with the following - red soil, no rock /salt, should have EB, Road axis, water source, near village, in the price range below Rs2lakh per ac, if you have such lands send me a pm, with your contact details...
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    Red soil Agri Land

    land hello, can you advise how far is this land from pollachi? will the price be negotiable? what will be last and best price, is it possible to get up to 14 ac in total? please send me details of crops being grown near by. thanks.
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    Pollachi - Farm land

    land i am interested in empty land with red soil, soil depth 2 mts, 14 ac max, (not towards Kerall) 25-30km away from Pollachi, near village, should have a good water source, eb connection, road axis, max price range is Rs2.25 lakh per ac. if you have such land, send your contacts and the costs
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    Agriland south tamilnadu

    Mr Mahesh, do you have land towards Pollachi, i am keen for 15 ac max, red soil, no rock, road axis, water source, empty land, near village, no legal issues ,clear title deed. please write to me
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    500 to 1000 acres in Tamil Nadu

    land in Pollachi Dear Francis, I am keen for max 15 ac, red soil, water source, 25km from Pollachi, road axis, near village, soil depth 2mts. if you have such land please send me the price, your email, contact address, will take discussion forward , my e mail is
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    I am interested in red soil , soil depth, 2mts, road axis, undeveloped land, water source a must preferably, 20-25km from Pollachi-14-15 ac or if you have coffee property in Karnataka, please send me details, max 12 ac which has road axis, if either of you have such land please send me a mail...
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    Land Needed - 500 Acres in or around Palani, Dindigul

    land please send me details of price and land details , i need 14 ac empty land with red soil, around Pollachi, soil depth 2mts, red soil, road axis, water source, near to a village, thanks.
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    100 Acres agriland in and around Pollachi, Udumalaipet wanted

    land around Pollachi Please let me know if you have empty land -14 ac max, red soil, 2mts soil depth, no legal issues, road axis, water source a must, near village, if you have, please send pm, with your contacts, thanks.
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    Solar water heaters for just 22,900.

    Dear Mr Goud, Please send me your e mail and tel no's. thanks, Sunil QUOTE=kamadenugroup;208926]Dear Mr. Swamy, Thank you for your comments and for the interest and confidence expressed in our company and products. WE AT KAMADHENU, COMMITTED TO PROVIDE THE BEST AND USER FRIENDLY...