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    Need land in Kolli Hills

    Hello Friends, I need good agricultural land around 50-100 acres in kolli malai/kolli hills with good water source,electricity and very clean documents. No need of good roads. The land can be underdeveloped. I'm ready to pay reasonable rate. If you are genuine in getting the land, I'm ready to...
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    180 acres in Theni District - For Sale

    I agree. Sellers are already rushing to hand off their properties like hot potato, while buyer is thinking twice before they make any deal. Nothing can go up forever. It would be interesting to wait and watch how things are going to unfold in next few months.
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    Buying farm land for cultivation

    First go with leasing I would suggest you to go with leasing since you don't have 1st hand experience in farming. Please contact me a if you need more info.
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    Turmeric Seed Available in Erode

    Variety of turmeric seeds available at reasonable price. Please contact me
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    Looking for farm land in Dharmapuri district

    Hi, I am looking for a fertile farmland between 20 to 100 acres in Dharmapuri district at lower price range. Please contact me
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    LAnd for sale near Dharmapuri

    Please contact me
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    LAnd for sale near Dharmapuri

    Please contact me Please contact me
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    coconut farm from NH 3km

    please provide me more details and ur contact number
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    33.46 red earth land in Dindugal district

    Please provide more details. please send me your contact details