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    What is the price of agri land in and around Dharapuram, Palladam, Kangayam, Muthur, Sivagiri??

    I am looking for agri land in this locality. Just want to know how much is the average price around these places with a well, bore and EB connection.
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    Wanted Wanted to know where Aquaponics training is available in Tamilnadu and related details..

    You can learn more thru internet about aquaponics. Also I would suggest you to go with a prototype before starting up in large scale. Aquaponics is really easy but need bit technical knowledge to make it a huge success. Try to make use of gravity flow which would help you save lot of electricity.
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    Wanted I am looking for 10 to 30 acres agri land (dry or any type) @ 1Lakh/Acre in Southern Tamilnadu.

    I am looking to buy 10 to 30 acres agri land (dry or any type) @ 1Lakh/Acre in southern Tamilnadu. Specification: 1. Southern Tamil nadu 2. Good water facility. 3. Not worried about being close to main cities. 4. Clear land documentation Please email me @ for...