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    Wanted Require freelance seed collectors in every state.

    I need seeds of various creepers,shrubs,trees of both cultivated and wild species .I am looking for persons who can collect seeds in their spare time and supply me.I am specially interested for part time collectors in the states of Arunachal Pradesh,Gujarat,Jammu &...
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    Wanted Wanted seedlings of fast growing timber species near Nellore,A P

    Require fast growing timber seedlings in Kavali/Nellore Nearby nurseries please contact Tirumala Rao 9849137123
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    Graviola/Soursop & other foreign fruit seeds in exchange of Indian wild fruits

    I also sell whenever I have the seeds.Please contact me.
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    High quality Agarwood tree seeds available

    I have very limited quantities of Agarwood tree seeds.They are fresh from Assam.They are ready for immediate sowing.50 g and 100 g packing Please contact me soon .Please send private message. Pharmadig
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    agarwood cultivation

    Mr Sivakumar Please tell me which seeds did not germinate and I shall replace or give other seeds free of cost provided that you had treated the seeds properly before sowing into the soil. Many of the fruits,spices and vegetables you eat today were introduced to India:Apple from Central...
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    agarwood cultivation

    Mr Siva kumar Who told you to contact me and ask me for seeds? You agreed to my terms and conditions and I sent several consignments without taking advance from you.If you were not interested,you could have stopped after first consignment or you could have returned my packets.You stopped...
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    agarwood cultivation

    Hello I can supply you fresh and clean seeds of Agarwood tree from Assam. Pharmadig
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    Fruit Seeds

    I can provide you seeds of exotic fruits from abroad.I have some biriba(Rollinia deliciosa) and other seeds.Please contact me.
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    well established MELIA DUBIA @ cheap rate.

    Selling Melia azedarach syn Melia dubia seeds from Assam forests by Takdir Nursery Please contact Takdir Nursery Karunabari,Laluk,Lakhimpur,Assam email id mobile 09678612600
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    wanted agarwood sappings where can I get it?

    Agarwood seedlings & seeds Dear Mr Lakshminarayana G Please contact me. I can guide you in this regard. D Roy mob 9866857846 email
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    Star anise tree cultivation

    I can provide seeds and germination technique of Star anise(Illicium verum) Star anise is used as spice in biriyani and other Indian foods. After 10 years or so the trees will bear flowers.The fruits are picked before ripening and dried. D Roy Mob 9866857846 Email
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    Looking for promoters/farmers in Himalayas/Nilgiris for Monk fruit

    Natural sugar substitute Seeds of Siraitia grosvenorii-Monk fruit from China will be available in September This fruit can be cultivated in subtropical/temperate climate D Roy Mob 9866857846 Email
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    Looking for seeds of Nannari & Raktachandana in small quantities

    Decalepis hamiltonii English Swallowroot Kannada Magali/Makali Tamil Magali Telegu Madina/Maredu/Nannari Pterocarpus santalinus English Red Sanders/Red sandalwood Tamil Ciwappuchchandanam Telegu Raktachandana D Roy Mob 9866857846 email
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    Mango saplings for sale

    Dear Anil Sinha/Udayan Nursery,Ranchi I tried both the number;this number 0651-2231592 is out of order and one salim from bokado answers at this number 09835923328. I want scions/budwoods of different mango cultivars. D Roy 09866857846 email
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    Seeds for sale:Barbel palm,Cassabanana and Star anise

    I can arrange small quantities of exotic fruit & spice seeds from abroad. Limited quantities of these seeds available with me Barbel palm,Cassabanana and Star anise Please contact D Roy Mob 9866857846 email
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    Looking for some seeds of Myristica dactyloides-Bitter nutmeg/Kadu Jayikai/Kattujathi

    Myristica dactyloides English Bitter nutmeg Kannada: Kadu jajikai,Kadu jayikai,Kadu japatre,Kadu pindi kayi Malayalam: Adokkapayin,Chithirapoovu,Kattujathi,Panthapayin,Pathiripoovu Tamil: Catikkaymaram,Kattucati, Katujathika Kattukmanci,Pattaipanu Telegu:Adavijaajikaya D Roy...
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    Looking for some seeds of Memecylon umbellatum(Alli,Anjan,Kannavu etc.)

    Memecylon umbellatum English:Ironwood Hindi: Anjan Kannada:Alle,Archana,Arachate,Harchari,Huli soppu,Limbattoli, Ollayakudi Konkani: Kalleo ankrio Malayalam: Anjanamaram, Anakkayavu , Kanila ,Kanjavu, Kannavu, Kashavu, Netunjetti Marathi:Anjan,Anjani,Lokhandi jhad Oriya:Neymaru...
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    Rare fruit seeds for sale

    I have a small quantities of some seeds of rare fruits (Form time to time I can arrange them from abroad) 1.Cassabanana/musk cucumber(Sicana odorifera) black & brown 2. Barbel palm(Acanthophoenix rubra). D Roy Mob 9866857846 Email
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    Looking for some seeds of Garcinia cowa(Chengkek,Cowa,Kaphal,Kau)

    Garcinia cowa Assamese:Kao thekara ;Bengali:Cowa,Kaglichu,Kau,Kao-gola Chakma:Kao-gula ;Garo:Rengran Hindi:Bhava,Cowa ; Khasi:Soh kwang Kokborok: Kok somroi ; Meitei:Cowa,Kao Mizo:Chengkek,Chenkek ; Nepali:Kaphal D Roy Mob 9866857846 Email
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    Looking for some cuttings and seeds of Ficus palmata(Bedu,Fedu,Khemri)

    Ficus palmata Ficus palmata is in flower from Jun to September, and the seeds ripen in August. English:Punjab Fig Garhwali:Khemri,Pheru Gorkhali/Nepali:Nimaro Hindi:Abjiri,Bedu, Jangli-anjir ,Khemri Kumauni:Bedu Punjabi:Anjir,Fagu,Phagoru,Phegwara Himachal Pradesh(Which one in...