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    adulteration free edible oils

    Best Of Luck. It is a very Good Idea to produce and market Edible oils. Where are you from? If you need any help please let me know. I am an Edible Oil Technologist. Best regards, Rejeeve
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    Manas Nanda - produces eco-friendly laundry detergent

    I Wish All The Luck to you and your Organization. Reagrds, Rejeeve Oils and Fats Tech
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    Anybody doing Camelina cultivation in India ?

    Is anybody doing Camelina cultivation in India on large scale. Please contact
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    Wanted I have 3 000 acres of arable land in Guyana, South America. Need strategic investor partner.

    Dear Sir, Are you from Guyana? I am an vegetable oil industry professional from India. Would like to be your partner in small investments. Can you reply me at rejeeveraj at yahoo dot com.Regards, Rejeeve
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    Wanted Investors wanted for import/export business

    Dear Sirs, What is the minimum amount to be invested for your venture. I am from Kerala. Working in vegetable oil industry.
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    Ponni Rice For Sale

    Dear Karthi, Is it possible to supply 50 kgs to Kerala address for home use in every month? if so please furnish the details to Thanks and regards, Rejeeve
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    Andhra Guntur Pickles

    can you give me yr phone number or emailid Rejeeve 09605012122
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    Andhra Guntur Pickles

    Can you send your pickle to Kerala,in small quantity. Kindly reply Regards, Rejeeve
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    Neem cake making machine

    You can buy some oil expeller machine for this purpose so that you will get neem oil as well as cake. i am oils and fats technologist with 19 years of experience in oil industries. You can contact me for your requirements of expeller machines from India. i know some manufactures, only if you...
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    looking for potential Rice bran oil buyers for long term

    Dear Sir Kindly send me yr contact details Thanks and regards, Rejeeve
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    looking for finance for our agri project

    Dear I am an Oils and Fats Technologist from Kerala studied in AP. I am interested in your project. I am willing to invest in a smaller way. Kindly give your contact details. Thanks and regards, Rejeeve
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    Want to start coconut oil me

    All The Best Mr. Reddy Garu, I am an Oils and fats Technologist . If you need any assistance kindly let me know. Thanks and regards, Rejeeve 09496417941
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    wanted pure coconut oil only from manufacturer

    Kindly contact me Thanks and regards. Rejeeve
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    Tiptur Coconut Products

    Kindly give yr contact details Regards,
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    High Yield Coconut Plant for Sale

    Is it available in Kerala? Thanks and regards, Rejeeve
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    Hybrid Coconut Palm Seedlings Ensure High Productivity

    Very nice article. I am an oils and fats technologist from kerala. I wish all the best to you and yr company. Is the seedlings available in kerala? Kind regards,
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    Vegetable cooking Oil for sale

    I would like to know more about yr company as i am an experienced oils and fat technologist. Thanks and regards, Rejeeve
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    Rice Husk

    Hi Kindly mail me at . I am from India
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    Refined Sunflower Oil for sale

    Dear Ahmed Kindly give me details about the plant,location and price. I am an Oils and Fats Technologist with 18 years of experience in vegetable oil industries.Give me yr contact number or email. Thanks and regards, Rejeeve
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    Coconuts -products

    i am also interested to buy the seedlings to Kerala