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    Required Agronomist (near Chandigarh)

    Hello, a new nursery business is looking for a young and motivated agronomist located near Chandigarh. If interested, a first meeting can take place during Agro Tech Trade fair in Chandigarh (03-06 Dec.). Please send you resume - Tentative starting date: January - February 2011. Thank you...
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    Controlled Atmosphere Questions & Opinions

    Hello, I am currently working on a research project called "Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Storage in India" and I would appreciate very much if you could help me with answering some questions. Please click on the link below and submit the form (it will take you maximum 5 minutes!): Short...
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    Controlled Atmosphere Storage

    Controlled Atmosphere Thank you for your posts. I have identified three major players apart from Premium Farm Fresh Produce: - Blue Star - Voltas Limited - Emerson Climate Technologies I am interested in Products / Prices / Service offered by Indian and foreign companies in India...
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    Controlled Atmosphere Storage

    Hello, does anyone have experience with buying and installing controlled atmosphere storage units in India. Would appreciate advice on which companies currently deal in this kind of products, how much they cost, servicing etc. in India.
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    Looking for consultant for Apple Nursery Set up

    Hello, I am looking for a consultant for setting up a apple nursery in India. If possible should be in Delhi by end of next week and have experience with FDI and horticulture. Import of seedlings and selling of 1-2 year old apple trees to farmers, cooperations etc.