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    Farm land 50 acre with free service 2 openwell land sale in western tirunelveli.

    How is one person owning 50 acres? Is there no land ceiling act in Tamil Nadu?
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    Land suitable for agriculture and resort for sale

    Dear sir, how many lakh/crore per acre? Please let me know so I can make arrangements. thx
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    6.5 acres of agricutural land in mysore

    Very good. I want to offer you Rs 2 cr. for it. Contact me.
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    Available: 20 Gunthas to 50 Acres near Bangalore

    Bangalore land of frauds Buyers should be careful of land deals in and around Bangalore. Full of frauds and controlled by mafias.
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    Land Available 1000 acres of land for sale at south tamilnadu

    Land of Crooks Beware of those who advertise 1000s of acres of land in TN. Most of them are fradulent deals with no clear titles, double registration, owner not available etc. If you want to buy land insist on meeting owners directly. In any case as per SC order no agreement to sale or Power of...
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    35 acre agricultural land for sale in Wayanad

    Hello Sir, Is land good for small private airport project?
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    Can NRI buy agricultural land near bangalore new international airport

    Beware Please be careful for buying land in and around Bangalore. Lot of fraud is happening, especially in that belt and you will not be able to make out if you are not from that area. Moreover as per new ruling, sale agreement nor PoA not valid any longer for property deals.
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    I wish to become a farmer

    You want to commit suicide? Hello farmboy, So many small farmers committing suicide so it is not very good news for anyone to enter this field when you don't have much assets or cash. I would suggest you find a farmer who will employ you on his land and you try it out to know the reality...
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    1200 acre 70 k per acre

    How many owners? Dear Mr Gopal, What kind of land is this? What's the land ceiling in TN? How many owners currently for 1200 acres? Can you provide all papers for legal scrutiny? -Max
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    Demand for future agriculture business

    High risk Dear Emufarm, Your expectation of 20% returns on your investment from agricultural project is unrealistic because this is a high-risk, low-return, field currently. The only other way is to scale up substantially or go for high-tech farming which is highly capital intensive and...
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    Well developed Agricultural farm in Tamil Nadu for sale.

    Returns Dear Sir, What is the returns you getting currently from this farm?
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    Non Farmer Buying Agricultural Land in Bangalore

    Highly risky Dear Saraji, First of all non farmer cannot buy agro land in Karnataka. Another thing is that there are scores of fraud cases in and around Bangalore wrt to land so be careful before investing in any land. If you ask me go somewhere else and invest. Protecting your land will be...
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    Teak & Silver oak for sale

    Too young 15- 18 years is too young for teak if you want to realise full potential of the wood.
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    Wanted Land 500 Plus Acres, NH Touching

    Clear documents? Dear Sir, There is nothing like clear title and documents in India. 500 acres will be owned by 5000 people so you will have to go through all those documentation. There will be frauds, cheats, corrupt govt. officials, politicians to deal with. The process if you are lucky may...
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    Fertile farmlands near kodaikanal for sale

    Net income for how many acres Dear Sir, Is the net income Rs 2 lakhs per year for per acre or for all the property. How many acres is available? Maks
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    wanted near Tirunelveli

    3000 acres Hello, I am Shri Ram from Germany. I need at least 3000 acres. My budget is 7.5 cr. Let me know... Land with water, road preferred.