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    FARM (house) Land for sale on Chennai -Tirupathi Highway

    Farm house lands on the CHENNAI- Tiruttani / TIRUPATHI HIGHWAY; -4800 Sft with 30 lemon trees ( generates income from 3rd yr) , 15 Tissue culture teak plants(generates income form 7th yr onwards), 5 coconut plants (generates income from 5th yr), -Drip irrigation for the entire area...
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    hello, your PM box is full. Pls PM your contact details
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    Hi suresh Thanks for your reply. pls do check your PM regards
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    can arrange land in between tada and nellore

    hello can you get me some land around the sricity. Your inputs on the existing rates in that area will be of great help
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    Sandalwood plants

    Hi Can anyone guide us on growing sandalwood plants. The issues involved, the returns one shuld expect and more importantly what kind of saplings needs to be purchased !!! And is there a supplier for them in Chennai area thanks anand
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    HI We are developing farm house lands on the CHENNAI-TIRUPATHI HIGHWAY - Min 5000 Sft Each 5000 Sft to have - - 40+ lemon trees - 20 Tissue culture teak plants - 6 coconut plants Entire Project will have - - Common guest house with Kitchen, Cook -Total extent of the project - 12 acres -...
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    50-60 Acres Farm Available for lease in Chittoor Dist, Andhra Pradesh

    pls provide more info -Which part of chittoor -How close is it to Tirupathi /tiruttani/Nagari areas -Approx pricing -Land fertility / water availability etc
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    Farmland available near tirupathi 35km-chittoor goodsource,well,lake@2.5lac/acre

    hi can you tel me how far is this place from Nagari/ Thiruttani? Or, do you have any lands in that price range in tiruttani-nagari - nagalapuram belt?
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    agriculture land in chennai, tamil nadu

    Agri lands available with in 70-80 kms from chennai - at 15-20 lacs per acre. Highly fertile lands. Serious parties can contact. Anand
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    Land for Sale Munnar

    Can you provide the exact location map on google....may b ..the village/area name etc etc...and u can mail the expected price to
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    Certified Organic Rice for sale

    Which location ru in? -You sell only on wholesale or retails also -What is the price...
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    Land for sale near kanchipuram.

    hi pls send the exact location, expected price and other details to
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    Fencing plants

    Can anyone tell me, which are the plants not eaten by cows/buffaloes and goats? Basically I need to plant them as "fencing" around my land.
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    Sandalwood trees- guidance please

    thanks for that info aswini
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    Sandalwood trees- guidance please

    Can we plant sandalwood trees in a hot and humid place like chennai ? And can they grow based only on the rains?
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    Farm land needed in tamilnadu

    We are looking for good farm land in the range of 2 lacs /acre in the north tamil nadu region. preferably with in 80-90 km distance from chennai. It must be fertile land with good water source
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    Mushrooms at home?

    Is it possible to grow Mushrooms at home? WE live in an apartment. Iam just thinking if it is by anyway possible to grow mushrooms in such an environment. If it is possible - -How to start -How to handle the whole thing - from start to finish I have no idea about even types of mushrooms...
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    Teak plantation - chennai- guidance needed

    I own 10,000 sq ft of land in a layout near sriperambudur, Chennai. It is basically a typical residential layout. As of now there are no houses and we dont foresee any houses coming up in the adjacent plots for the next 5 yrs atleast, and even i dont have any plans of selling or building...