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    For Sale Bulk Shatavari root

    Hi.. Sir, Fresh Shatavari root available In bulk quantity... in Bangalore Price also reasonable.. transport and packing charges extra. Interested genuine buyer please reply.
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    For Sale Fruit Nursery plant available

    Hi Sir.. We are supplying good quality Fruit (Nursery) plant.. ie, Sapota Thai Gauva,Papaya,Jamun,Green Bare,Litch, at reasonable rate. Minimum order, 50/100 plants. Those who are interested.. please contact..
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    Hello sir, If you are seriously interested. we will connect reputed company Soilless/less water cultivation.
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    Wanted Nursery polybag

    Hi.. jaivik Seedling tray how much quantity is required.
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    For Sale Fresh Moringa Leaves

    Hi Sir, We can supply fresh Organic Moringa Leaves bulk quantity from Karnataka. If anybody interested please reply.
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    Wanted Want to buy Ginger in bulk

    We can supply bulk quantity ginger from Bangalore. Please provide your contact no.
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    Wanted Plant for bamboo farming

    Send your contact no.
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    For Sale Vegetables For Sale

    Hi sir, Can u pls send ur wholesae price list Of fresh quality vegetables to me, Malang Agro
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    Wanted Required Moringa Powder - Seeds

    Sir, u have ODC 3 Moringa seeds and Moringa powder, per kg, Quote your lowest price.
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    For Sale Jamun Seed for sale in bulk

    hello sir, What is the rate of your jamun Plant.. is it dwarf variety..
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    Wanted Wanted Fig Saplings

    Pls the following fruit's and plants Available: FiG, Pomegranate, white jamun, Peaches, Gauva etc, in bulk quantity. If interested pls contact,
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    Wanted Need fresh moringa leaves in bulk quantity

    hello sir, what price are you looking Moringa leaves fresh / Dry, pls reply asap muneer
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    Wanted Wanted Fig Saplings

    Hello sir, How much fig sapling requires for your plantation... dwarf varieties Available. If interested pls reply, muneer