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    Land Available 4.5 acres land for sale 40kms from bangalore

    Please share the details.
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    Opportunity Investment on agro based projects

    Finance available for agro based projects all over India. Proven track record and margin Money is the criteria.
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    Land Available 1000 acres red soil land for sale in Virundhunagar.

    Is it fully vacant? Please send some details.
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    Land Available Agri land for sale near Sira, Thumkur (Karnataka) - 45 acres

    Please send me message with asking price, photos etc.,
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    Land Available 1 Lac per acre agriculture land for sale in Konkan..

    Can you arrange property worth more than 1000 Cr? Single owner?
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    Land Available 100 acres available in Pollachi

    What is the details of this 100 acres. Yield,water,house,price, distance from Pollachi and Kovai
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    For Sale Cold Pressed Coconut oil from Kerala

    pls check your email
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    For Sale Cold Pressed Coconut oil from Kerala

    Cold Pressed Coconut oil from Kerala , retaining all the natural ingredients of the oil, can be supplied regularly. Made from our own farm and mill. Pure coconut oil is equal to mother's milk. Since it is wooden pressed, natural advantages are retained.
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    For Sale 20 or 45 Acre Agriculture land sale - Sira - Tumkur - Karnataka

    what is the asking price ? can u email me pics of the houses
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    Wanted Neem sapling in South India

    please let me know neem tree sapling availability in south india. What is the price ?
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    Wanted Farmers for medicinal plants, herbs cultivation under buyback

    kindly send me details to
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    Please plant trees this season

    please plant any tree that doesn't require more water, lifts ground water level over a period of time, gives more oxygen and intakes more carbon dioxide, has medicinal value, gives income to the grower. These are few criteria I would like to high light. Let us make India more cooler
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    Need expert advice on what to grow 14 acre land in Maharashtra to earn good profit.

    Need to know about the type of land. I will adivice free of cost
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    Can we do arecanut plantation in Ghazipur Dist- , Uttar Pradesh ?

    we are traditional farmers. I can guide you free of cost