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    For Sale 75 kg per tree papaya output - IPB-9 calina red sun seeds available

    Assured Male/Female tree balanced seeds available for plantation - seed requirement for planting 1000 trees per acre 25 gms Redson Hybrid American Hybrid variety. Avg. Fruit Size: 1.5-2 kgs. Flesh Color: Reddish Orange. Keeping Quality: Firm & Good for distant Transportation: IPB-9 CALINA...
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    Wanted I want to buy organic fruits, vegetables and grains

    i can regularly supply chinese cabbage, lettuce, cherry and regular tomatoes, white garlic and hybrid carrots, min. one tonne each. please contact me at 8585938121 email:
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    what type of sensor must be used for sensing tha water content in the land

    there are a number of sensors avaiable to give you pH, soil moisture etc. available with amazon. cost varies from rs 600 to rs 20,000/- buy whatever is suitable to you. before buying pls check the reviews by customers as these are all chinese products.
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    Wanted we want to buy 40 thousand grafts of sweet tamarind to plant. We are based in África, Angola, Luanda

    buying from india saplings and shipping it to africa is a high-cost affair. i can give you these saplings from Nigeria in case you agree. we have a 8 ha farm in abuja nigeria from where we can provide you with saplings of 1-3ft tall three months from the date of your firm order in batches...
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    Wanted contract farming for tomatos in uttar pradesh required

    which district are you located and how much land is available? we will provide you specialized seeds and u have to sell the produce to us back 100% please reply ASAP
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    save money on fertilizers, insecticides, grow healthy plants advance harvest time20%

    Nualgi Foliar is a nano product used widely by '000s of farmers in india with great effect. It makes your plants pest-free and disease resistant and having rapid growth. it advances the harvest time by 20% each crop. costwise, it saves you rs 5000 at the sowing time and 90% conversion of...
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    sandalwood oil

    wanted sandalwood oil of standard specifications 95-99% pure regular supply for medicinal use. can pay reasonable domestic price. long term buying. pls contact +918585938121 krishna email
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    Kombucha culture for sale in india

    dear entrepreneurs, i have limited quantity of Kombucha culture to sell to select people. the price is Rs 1500/- for those not in the know, this culture helps people brew tea to make a health drink. you can market this drink like any other as a home-made brew in 200ml packs, to be sold...
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    Looking for seeds and guidance for Kenaf (hibiscus cannabinus).

    dear mr khan, whatever be your crop, we have plant micro nutrients to grow 50-80% more agri output per crop cycle. no need to use fertilizers. cost rs 800 per acre/month. for further info, please give your email id to +918585938121 regards krishna
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    For Sale Wanted Distributors for FMCG Products

    dear mr mohideen, we are selling plant micronutrients to farmers. since you are associated with tea estates, i wonder if you can help us sell our micro nutrients to the tea/coffee estate. we liberally compensate those who help us. our nutrients are the 4th generation fertilizer variety...
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    4th generation Nano technology plant micro nutrients for your farm

    While costing almost negligible money, our plant micro nutrients give you 50 - 80% additional crop output in any crop cycle. no need for pesticides or other fertilizers other than this. tested and proven all over the world, now in india. good for all types of farms, orchards. for more details...
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    G9 banana tree height

    dear victorka, we understand your problem and can make ALL YOUR TREES grow same height within two months and give you 50% more bananas and stems. our product is Nualgi Foliar, a micro nutrient to be sprayed on the banana leaves. within a month, you will see very healthy growth of your...
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    Disease in okras&they

    dear cherryrose, your plants are under attack due to mal nourishment - what you immediately need is to provide healthy fertilizer to them. you can use our Nualgi Foliar, a nano liquid super fertilizer by spraying on the leaves. this will not only give your plants more nourishment but will...
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    Strawberry Plants for Sale - Bulk - Chandler Variety

    dear mr verma, while you are selling strawberry plants, which may take a few weeks, may i suggest you to use our Nualgi Foliar micro nutrient (cost rs 700/- per acre) per month, within one month, your plantation will look much more healthier with thick stalks and ready to give you 50% more...
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    50% increase in your production per cycle

    attention farm owners, bhagicha owners - increase your crop yield by 50% every crop cycle by using our Nualgi Foliar - a bio liquid fertilizer once a month. cost is rs 700 per acre, will give you return many times. for details ask me at email: phone...
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    Required Seedless Grapes Sapplings (White and Black)

    dear mr velu, we would like to offer you our nano technology super fertilizer Nualgi Foliar for your fruit garden. this product is eco-friendly and contains many micro nutrients which are beneficial to plant life. the fertilizers that you use do not always reach the leaves, but when you spray...
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    INCREASE YOUR YIELD BY 50% IN one crop cycle

    dear sir, we would like to offer you our nano technology super fertilizer Nualgi Foliar for your orchard. this product is eco-friendly and contains many micro nutrients which are beneficial to plant life. the fertilizers that you use do not always reach the leaves, but when you spray our...