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    Opportunity Insulin leaf juice

    send your requirements .
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    Opportunity Insulin leaf juice

    Do you have import license and if so send your enquiry.
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    Opportunity Insulin leaf juice

    Wanted distributors from major cities and towns across PAN India for insulin plant leaf juice. Minimum investment Rs 8k - 50% margin assured on MRP Exisiting FMCG distributors who has network with minimum 30 retailers cum 2 year exposure are preferred. The product has FSSAI, ISO and other...
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    For Sale Insulin leaf fresh available

    We sell insulin spinach (fresh leaves) on bulk qty. MOQ 100 Kg and above . 1 Kg cost Rs. 250 + transport charges as applicable.
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    For Sale Insulin Plant (Costus Pictus) sapling available for sale

    We can supply Insulin plant sapling within India, by Air cargo. MOQ - 700 saplings & above, each sapling cost Rs.55/- incl of Air shipment charges (Order value Rs. 38,500/- approx). The farmer who can able to plant within 2 to 3 days is only advised to order. The plant will reach within 24 hrs...
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    For Sale Insulin Plant leaves fresh

    We can supply Insulin Plant leaves fresh (Costus Pictus) which acts as Natural herbal sugar controller. Visit To resell and herbal syrup manufacturing mail to Chennai Genuine enquires welcome from wholesalers of vegetables/spinach...
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    Anti Diabetic Tea -Distributors wanted

    Nethra Organic Farm manufacture Anti diabetic tea from Insulin Plant (Costus Pictus) leaf. Wanted area wise distributors from major cities/towns across India. It has clinical trial report Lab test report/FSSAI license. Existing FMCG product distributors and as well as an aggressive...
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    Wanted Wanted Coconut Grove on lease in Kanchipuram/Chenglepet/Trivallore dist.

    We need 5 to 7 acres of Coconut grove on long term lease in Kanchipuram/Chenglepet/Trivallore district. Land should be fertile with Free EB service with old time well and rode connectivity. Call P.SA. Venkat 9444630429
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    Required FMCG Distributors/Dealers for Anti-Diabetic Tea (Fssai) !

    We require existing FMCG distributors from major cities and towns across India. Our product is branded as Insulas and it has clinical trial report/Lab analysis report/ Fssai licence. Enquiry for 3 rd party mftrs are also welcome to brand on their name and sell. Contact Nethra Organic Farm...
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    Insulin plant leaves fresh, Anti-diabetic Tea

    We supply Insulin plant leaves fresh on daily basis within chennai & its suburban area. We are looking for 3rd party mftr/distributors for Insulas (Anti-duiabetic Tea) which has FSSAI licence/Clinical trial report etc. Visit insulinkeerai | Nethra Organic Farm contact
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    Wanted Distributors for Insulin Plant Leaf Tea

    We are looking for Distributors for Anti Diabetic Tea made out of Costus Pictus (Insulin plant dry leaves) across major cities/town in India. Clinical trial report/Lab tested with other certificates. Existing distributors of FMCG product with minimum 2 years exposure are preferred. Mail...
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    Insulin Plant (Costus Pictus) for sale.

    We sell insulin plant (Costus Pictus) in bulk to farmers/nurseries. We are located near Vellore. Call Nethra Organic Farm 9444630429 or mail to Delivery at your own means of transport. Serious buyers only contact and no agents please. Buyers who need minimum 1000...
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    Anti Diabetic Tea from Insulin Plant leaf !

    Anti diabetic Tea (Insulin Plant Leaf Tea /Costus Pictus ) - Looking for distributors from cities/town across India. All certification done. Existing distributors of FMCG product will be preferred. Min investment of Rs. 20,000/ only. Mail brief details to Nethra ogranic...
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    Insulin plant leaf Tea (Anti diabetic Tea)

    We are cultivators cum manufacturers Insulin plant leaf tea as Anti-diabetic Tea, based in Chennai. All certifications like SSI/Lab testing/Clinical trial report/FSSA license/Organic certificate etc are under...
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    Insulin Plant Leaf Tea (Anbti Diabetic Tea)

    We are cultivators cum manufacturers Insulin plant leaf tea as Anti-diabetic Tea, based in Chennai. All certifications like SSI/Lab testing/Clinical trial report/FSSA license/Organic certificate etc are under...
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    Insulin Plant Tea (Anti-Diabetic Tea) --Distributors wanted !

    We are looking forward distributors across cities/town for Anti-Diabetic Tea. Pl send brief profile and preference will be given to those who already delas in FMCG products (Food/snacks/Biscuts/Tea). Min investment required Rs. 30,000/ send mail to call 9444630429
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    Insulin plant fresh leaves (Herbal sugar controller)

    Wanted wholesalers dealing vegetables/Keerai from Bangalore/Pondicherry as exclusive dealer for buying Insulin plant fresh leaves - CFostus Pictus leaves - (Organic herbal sugar controller) on alternative days. Supply from Vellore dist. Those who require Min 100 kg and above only need to...
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    Insulin Keerai (Insulin plant fresh leaves) avl for sale in Chennai.

    Insulin Keerai (Insulin plant fresh leaves) avl in Chennai. Vegetable/keerai vendors of whoesalers from other cities/town (other than Chennai) may contact us at 9444630429. Bulk and regular buyers only need contact. It is an Organic herbal sugar controller.
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    Costus Pictus (Insulin plant) powder.

    We Aditi Agro Farm based in Chennai (india), who cultivate Costus Pictus herbal Plants (Insulin plants) which has Anti-diabetic properties. Costus Pictus extract in herbal powder form suits to the following industries. Pl mail to or call 09444630429 We supply...
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    Insulin leaves (Costus Pictus) fresh avl at Chennai !

    Insulin leaves (Costus Pictus) available at Chennai. Pl call 9444630429 or mail to for regular reqt.