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    Sugarcane fertilizer schedule

    Hi, Can any one provide the Fertilizer schedule for sugarcane red soil south karnataka(what fertilizer, How much/Acre & when) Thanks santhosh
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    loan for dairy farming

    Hi all, I am planning to setup dairy near mysore. I want details /process of getting loan any information on it will of great help. Thanks Santhosh
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    Need help in Beetroot cultivation.

    Hi, Need help/Information regarding beetroot cultivation. 1. What time of the year is good for beetroot planting? 2. what the duration of crop? 3. what fertilizers and pestisides need to be given at what time? 4. what is the avg yield per acre? Thanks Santhosh
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    Need Help in Turmeric cultivation (alkaline water problem).

    We have started Turmeric cultivation in 2 acre of land with drip irrigation. Now we are facing problem of not proper plant growth. Cultivation Details Irrigation: is drip irrigation Water: Borewell water is alkaline in nature (8.8 Ph). Now turmeric plant is 120 days old & we are observering...