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    Guava plants for sale

    Please send details about Which vareity suitable for tamil nadu and Price details
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    want used Goatfarm equpments

    sir, I want used Goat farm equipment in good condition with reasonable price .My place is southern phone number is email ID
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    sale of lemon,Sapota

    Sir please quote the Rate.and give your specification. mymail id
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    sale of lemon,Sapota

    Sir Ready to send the lemon for your specification at Bangalore. please contcat my phoneno 7373099140
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    lemon cold storage

    Hai Kiran,I want to start Lemon cold storage In Tamilnadu.can U help Me ? Please state the Estimate amount to capacity,loan felicities,companies etc My email id
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    Want to start Cold storage for Lemon

    [FONT=Book Antiqua]Thank U for your reply We are planning to construct 2000 MT capacity.Land no constrain.Loan from NABARD. [/FONT]
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    Want to start Cold storage for Lemon

    Sir We are Cooperative society. Cultivating Lemon in large scale. Want to start Cold storage fecility forLemon and vegetables. Please give the facts about initial cost,technology, Availability of construction Agencies etc By K.Alagarsamy contact
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    Free goat farming project report

    Sir, Kindly e mail your goat farming project report as early as possible. by Alagar
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    Cheap agri land for sale at western ghats

    Sir, is your land nearer to Thiruvaduthurai Adeenam land ? please inform
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    rs20 perkg

    we are ready to support fresh lemon. contact me alagar1073 9443487249
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    Agro-based business oppertunity in Doha,Qatar

    Ready to supply Indian lemon Sir, We are group of farmers cultivating Indian lemon.We are ready tosupply organically growing indian lemonwith size of 30-45 mm size. Contact
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    sale of lemon,Sapota

    Reply about lemon sir Thank U for reply. Our Place is Murugan store Villiseri. Kovilpatti taluk
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    sale of lemon,Sapota

    We are farmers from Village in SouthTamilnadu.We are cultivating lemon and sapota.Ready to Supply Fresh lemon and sapota fruit with reasonable market price whatever the quantity want. And ready to Supply other states with large quantity. Please contact