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  1. gounder28

    Wanted Agri land required(5 acres to 50 acres) upto Rs.2 lakhs /acre in Theni ,Coimbatore

    Hello Nanjil Nursery I am looking for 5-10 acres (2 Lakh per acre) of barren land for farming. Please let me know if you have any properties. If I like the land immediate settlement. Sent me your and property info
  2. gounder28

    For Sale Farm land 31.70 Acre sale in W.Tirunelveli

    Hello Is this property still available? If NOT can you share information
  3. gounder28


    Hello Chandra Mohan, I am looking for 5-10 acres of land for integrated farming. Let me know if you have lands with good water source and close proximity for access. I can also do my own bore and road facilities. Share your contact details
  4. gounder28

    Land Available Agri land / Coconut farm / Mango farm with good water source in and around Palani area

    Hello vickymani Share me your contact, will call you for further details. If have any pictures of the land, kindly share
  5. gounder28

    Land Required Need 5-10 Acre - near Sathyamangalam, Erode District .

    Hello Shajathali Depends on the property and where it is located and other sources. Share your contact, will call you to discuss
  6. gounder28

    Land Required Need 5-10 Acre - near Sathyamangalam, Erode District .

    Integrated farming. If you have property, share your contact info. Will call you to discuss further
  7. gounder28

    Question Need advice on Tree Cultivation from the beginning (Coimbatore,Tamilnadu)

    Sounder Please share your contact if you still need guidance.
  8. gounder28

    Advertising Agriculture project consultants cum Agriculture land developers in Bangalore

    Greetings Mr. Kumar Glad to see your services. I am in process of acquiring land for my dream retirement farm land in Tamilnadu (looking close to Mysore border). Please share me your contact details and a feasible time to reach out to you. Sincerely
  9. gounder28

    Land Required Need 5-10 Acre - near Sathyamangalam, Erode District .

    Hello I am looking for 5-10 acres of empty land near Sathyamangalam, Erode District area preferably Kadambur and close by. Will finalize once i like the land and after soil testing completed. One time settlement. Thanks
  10. gounder28

    Land Available Agri Land for Sale @ pollachi, Udumalpet, Aliyar, Anaimalai & Kerala Border

    Hello Kannan Please share your contact details. lets discuss the available lands. Sincerely
  11. gounder28

    Advertising High Nutritious Millet Cookies (Ready to Eat)

    Greetings Vanitha - Please share your contact number. We might find business for each other. Sincerely
  12. gounder28

    Event Talk with Dr A.B. Rema Shree on "Spices-Local and Export market potential of black pepper, cardamom, chilli peppers, cinnamon, coriander seeds, cumin"

    I am interested in for this meeting and have to discuss about importing opportunities to North America (USA, CANADA). If any one interested in exporting please connect with me, lets see how we can help each other. God Bless
  13. gounder28

    For Sale Sandalwood cultivation.

    Naveen - please see answers to your questions: 1. Does planting Malai Vembu and Sandal Wood works out and gives good result Ans: Yes - Both are good choices. Malai Vembu will start yielding from 5th year. Basically you'll get Rs.3500/tree and if it's 7-8 years you might get Rs. 4500 to...
  14. gounder28

    Question Need guidance on sandalwood plantation

    Naidu 789 - Generally Sandal Wood tree needs redsoil for good growth and needs good water source for the first year till get rooted. For Black soil you might need Panchakavyam and Jeevamirtham (organic farming) to their growth. You need to register to local Village administration officer, local...
  15. gounder28


    @success88 - Please share your contact info Let's discuss on your ideas and see where it takes. Looking forward to talk to you.
  16. gounder28

    Question Intercrop for coconut trees

    Hello nprabhs Try Taiwan Pink Koya as udupayir between coconut trees. Yields in 6-8 months of plantation and produces through out the year. The buyer comes to your farm for harvest and pickup and they pay about Rs. 45-50/KG. The plant will yield to 6-7 years and NOT much maintenance require...
  17. gounder28

    Opportunity Looking for a Partner in Natural farming in TN

    Hello asrKraja Could you please share your contact, lets discuss further.