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  1. Srimathi_VMG

    Question Need guidance to start-up organic tulasi plantation

    Hello arunasushanth, You may go thru the link and contact Chalapathi rao who is willing to offer guidance on tulasi plantation. Will appreciate your update on this.
  2. Srimathi_VMG

    Need guidance to set-up a horticulture farm around Guntur (AndhraPradesh)

    Hello rajaec270, Please follow the following link and contact this person. Let us have your feed back to help you better:
  3. Srimathi_VMG

    Need information reg rice bran oil solvent extraction plant

    Hello Ajitap_6618, You may contact the following as they are providing project reports estimated cost etc. on the above subject : For more details follow this link : NIIR Project Consultancy Services (NPCS) 106-E, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi-110007, India. Email...
  4. Srimathi_VMG

    Need information about melia dubia plantation

    @meliadubia Hi member, Suggest please view this link : This link gives you many information and views on melia dubia which am sure you will find useful. As a sample giving you one link here...
  5. Srimathi_VMG

    Need information for gerbara flower farming

    @ukg_gku1981 Hello Member, Please follow this link and go thru the article by Mr Ajay Madane, His contact details too are available there. Will appreciate an update from you on this
  6. Srimathi_VMG

    Need suggestion / opnion to start-up Coconut Plantation

    Hi member, You can also go thru the following link. Hope you find it useful. A reply from your side will be much appreciated
  7. Srimathi_VMG

    Need suggestion about profitable crops in Tirupathi

    Hello Mr Sreekanth, Please go thru the following links. Trust you find them useful. Profitable Oil Crops in AP and Telangana | Raithe Raju - YouTube Video for most profitable crops in...
  8. Srimathi_VMG

    Need suggestion / opnion to start-up Coconut Plantation

    Hello Member, Please click on the following link view the details given there and send in your enquiry the concerned will contact you.
  9. Srimathi_VMG

    Question Need guidance to start-up tamarind farm

    @kannzs You may view the following links. Trust you find it helpful.
  10. Srimathi_VMG

    Wanted cardamom monthly 250 kgs required

    @mayank73 : you may contact the following supplier and check for your requirement. Pls follow the link @shwethasvmg : pls remind Poabs to check this or email them pls
  11. Srimathi_VMG

    Need help to cultivate aleo vera in Rajasthan

    @shwethasvmg pls add the user name of Kumud Sheravia. his email id
  12. Srimathi_VMG

    How to open a goat farm?

    @rishi2rana Pls chk the following link. @shwethasvmg : pls add his user name & inform him to reply