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    Wanted I want to know what is the central government subsidy for new poultry farm Poultry venture Capital Fund Scheme (PVCFS) NABARD and Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) promotes this scheme to encourage entrepreneurship and employment opportunities in rural and backward areas...
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    Wanted Wanted Agri land around Pune 25-30 Kms.

    You can go to any of the following sites and search for suitable land. Otherwise go to Tahasildar office or village accountant of village where you want to purchase land. Shripathy Rao, Ex AGM...
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    Tulsi cultivation info needed

    Tulsi or Sacred basil (Ocimum sanctum L.) is a biennial shrub belonging to the family Lamiaceae. The plant has been revered by the people of India for its multivarious uses since vedic times. Even now, it is worshipped by many. The essential oil of sacred basil has about 71 per cent eugenol and...
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    Tulsi cultivation info needed

    I am ex AGM of NABARD providing agricultural consultancy to farmers . You can contact me at The following information compiled from web sources is given below Tulsi faming details
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    tulsi farming info required

    This is M.Shripathy Rao Ex AGM NABARD , presently Agriculture Consultant from Mangalore. I have worked with self help groups. I have attached some information about Tulsi farming. For more details contact me at You can also see Tulsi...
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    Wanted Wanted farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation cousunltancy under buyback

    I am Ex AGM of NABARD presently providing agriculture consultancy to farmers. Many farmers are interested to grow medicinal plants. I will ask them to contact you. Meanwhile , one of my friend is having 5 acres of land with water facility near Udupi in karnataka. I want to encourage him to...
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    NABARD Subsidy For Dairy.

    Yes NABARD subsidy is continued for the year 2016-2017 for a number of schemes including small dairy scheme. Ananda rao's reply is correct.For any update please contact the local district office or concerned State level Regional office of NABARD. I am Ex AGM of NABARD now providing agriculture...
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    Question Regarding Malabar Neem & Sandalwood Plantation

    I am Ex AGM of NABARD and presently doing agriculture consultancy work. You need to engage the services of one supervisor and one or two agri laborers to take care of the plantation. Or you can lease it out on contract farming. For more details contact me at
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    Wanted Need Moringa Oleifera(Drumstick) Leaf powder in bulk quantity regularly

    I am a retired AGM of NABARD providing agriculture consultancy. I appreciate your initiative. I have been promoting cultivation of Moringa among farmers and as and when I meet moringa cultivators I will give your contact details to directly be in touch with you and supply the leaves. Best...
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    Space requirement for murrah buffalo in tail to tail housing system

    Please go through the attached file nabard model dairy project . I am retired AGM of NABARD providing agricultural consultancy to farmers agro industries buyers and sellers of agri products. contact me at
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    Wanted cardamom monthly 250 kgs required

    Iam retired AGM of NABARD doing agricultural consultancy and linkages. I have some contacts through which it is possible to make arrangements . Please contact me at 7337633610 or email to .
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    Wanted wanted agriculture land for lease 3 - 5 acres to dairy farm

    We have 5 acres of land for lease with a open well with adequate water and pump near Kundapur , Udupi district. Contact or Mob 7337633610.
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    Small (black) elaichi price in India ?

    The details about pices and price are available at . The average price can be taken between Rs 600 to Rs 700 per kg. A file is attached containing the details of prices . For more details visit the above website. I am a Retired AGM of NABARD providing agricultural...
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    Tusi farming help needed

    The youtube link on commercial cultivation of tulsi is available in the following link
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    Tusi farming help needed

    I am retired AGM of NABARD providing agricultural consultancy . Please contact me at or Mob 7337633610 I got some details in the following website. You too can go to google website and get lot of information. You can grow Tulsi from seeds . contact www.Indiamart or
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    What permissions needed to start a dairy farm?

    Dear Charan No permission is required from anyone for collecting milk from dairy farmers and selling and earning profit. But it is a tedious job since milk is a perishable commodity. It seems you are interested in self employment rather than seeking a job after your B Tech. There are number of...
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    Wanted Wanted investing partner to develop 5 acres land with water as a Demonstration cum Training farm

    Deal All I am retired AGM of NABARD providing agriculture and linkage services to farmers, agro industries , buyers and sellers. My friend has 5 acres of land with adequate water irrigation facility near Kundapur [near Udupi-Karnataka] on national highway. So far it is not used for any...
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    Wanted Wanted partners/investors for farming 100acres of land.

    I am a retired AGM of NABARD providing agriculture consultancy. There are a number of schemes having subsidy and financial support which can be implemented in your farm to make it a model farm which can inspire others to go for profitable agriculture. My email id is
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    Potato plant industries

    Call me at 7337633610 . We can discuss.
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    Dairy farm waste (cow dung) management

    I understand your problem. Are there farmers who want to purchase cow dung? Can you prepare cow dung cake. You can sell it through internet market such as eBay or or We can have more correspondence and find a suitable solution. I am retired AGM of NABARD doing...