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    For Sale Mango Pulp - Organic - 15500 kilograms for Immediate Sale

    Organically grown approximately 15500 kilograms of mango pulp is available at Bhubaneswar, Odisha for immediate sale. Interested buyers may please contact.
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    Oil Mill

    We require a consultant to develop one Oil Mill in
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    Cold Storage

    We require a consultant to develop one Cold Storage in Odisha of 5000 tons capacity.Email-
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    Growing Capsicum In Open Land

    Capsicum can be grown in open land comfortably. The land suitable to brinjal,tomato,okra,chilli etc. are also suitable to capsicum. Timing & practices are similar to tomato. It can be grown round the year in high altitudes with low temperature and dry weather except frost conditions. It is...
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    Rotten tomatoes

    It is a deficiency symptom.Calcium Chloride can be sprayed @ 1.5 gm/ltr of water.
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    Seed,Pesticide,Nutrient and other agriculture inputs

    Agriculture Input(Seeds,Pesticides and Nutrients etc.) Companies may please contact for bulk business in Odisha state.
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    wanted agricultural land for lease

    Tell us,if you want in Odisha.
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    Land for sale

    A 200 acres patch is available for sale at an economic price.It is located on NH-45 and nearer to Cuttack/Bhubaneswar in Odisha.2 more patches are also available.Buyers may please contact us.
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    How to Set Up A Home Flour Mill

    Please tell us the cost of the flour mills?
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    Betel Vine / Pan planting materials with consultancy

    Interested growers of Betel vine or Pan may contact us to get the best planting materials and to know the agricultural practices.
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    Small Peanut Oil Production Line

    Please mail us your product-price list.We might have a requirement.
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    Cure for blight?

    1.Improve the drainage system. 2.Keep the field clean from weeds. 3.Do not over irrigate. 4.Earthing up of the tubers. 5. Bury or burn the affected plants .It may infect good plants. 6.Spray @ (Thiophenate methyl-15 gm + Streptocycline-1.5 gm or Plantomycin-15 gm) in 15 liters water.
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    Advertising Spine gourd and Pointed Gourd:How to grow profitably ?

    We can provide every thing on cultivation of Spine gourd and Pointed Gourds.Interested farmers and organisations can contact us for cultivation of other vegetables also.
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    i need information about poultory farm

    You can contact us,if interested in Vanraj.Vanraja is a multi-coloured, medium sized dual purpose bird developed for rural/ backyard farming. The male chicks of ‘Vanraja’ are able to attain a moderate body weight for table purpose at 8 weeks of age and the pullet is able to produce good number...
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    Sarpagandha rooted plants

    We are having more than 3 lakhs of rooted Sarpagandha(Rauvolfia serpentina) plants.Interested buyers may please contact us.
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    Mappia foetida

    One of my friends has the source of around 100 tons of Mappia foetida with legal transit permit.Any interested buyers may contact with me.