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    Poultry farm for 20000 birds

    for each birds you can set up 1.5 sq.ft for each bird.
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    used poultry equipments required for 5000 chicks

    may i know ur location, and the offer price?
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    vegetable wanted(URENT)

    We are ready to supply, cochin or dubai, May I know your contact details?
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    land for dairy farm required in Palakkad/Trichur

    May i know your contact details?
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    Wanted Kerala Vegetable required

    how can i contact you?
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    Small Scale Diary Farm

    may i know your location?
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    Set up chicken farm any where in Kerala

    may i know your contact details?
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    Set up chicken farm any where in Kerala

    Arrange chicken, goat farm any where in Kerala with nominal investment.
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    For Sale EMU chicks for sale

    may i know the price of egg and ur location?
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    kathal or jack frut required

    May I know your price and other terms?
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    600 acres tea estate

    may i know the location and contact details?
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    wanted: fresh tapioca

    May i know your contact number?
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    Copra Required in bulk quantity

    We are ready to supply bulk order from Palakkad as per market rate.
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    wanted marketing agents

    any possiblity in cochin,? pls mail me details...
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    wanted agri:land in north Kerala (malabar)

    available 20acrs near mannarkkad @3lak/acre
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    Resident Representative

    WE are a Cochin based Real estate consulting company, and have very awarness the market. Can we possible to marketing this product,as freelance reprasantative? Have sufficient and qualified staff for marketing the project. Expecting your interestd, thanking you Regards Abdullah Moossa Please...
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    lands in wayanad

    May i know the location and your contact details,
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    required land for dairy farming in trichur , kerala

    available 4 acres of rubber estate, only 50 cents have pattayam, and rest of land paying tax. in Kallayi, trichur dist, total price 35lak/fixed
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    550 acres coffee estate for lease in Kerala

    please send your contact number for further details
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    250 acres rubber estate in Kerala

    contact me or send me my private mail