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    4 acer Land for sale Maharashtra nr. Panchgani

    land near panchgani Plz tell me exact village name n zone.
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    Land Required Cheap land any where India

    cheapest land u will get land at 10000-15000 rs per acre in nanded maharastra.
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    3000 acre land near kamuthi

    land for sale Which kamuthi are u talking about?
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    Goat for Sale

    Goats for sale Plz let me kmow your location.
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    Agriculture land in ratnagiri

    land in ratnagiri plz tell me your budget n requirnment ie-road,water,electricity etc
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    Wanted Agriculture land

    agri land in konkan r u intrested in paali?
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    Looking for agriculture land near Pune (probably 3 to 4 hours driving distance)

    land near pune i have agri land around lonavala.if intrested in this part contact me...
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    Agriculture land for sale in bhor, pune

    land in mulshi plz give me your contact number or email id.I have parties who wants to invest in such land.
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    Help Regarding Goat Farming

    goat farming i think u should do it in your own country.The land n climate is same as in our india.Here besides doing goat farming u will train people for terrorism.
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    elegibility to buy land in Maharashtra.

    U need to be a farmer to buy agri land in maharastra.I can make u a certified farmer@50000 per person.if intrested contact me...
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    Rose Farming in maharashtra - need advise

    best place for rose faming The very ideall place for rose farming in maharastra is tungi (lonavala).giants like ESSAR are already in this business here n doing great.the soil,wether,and water is best suited for it.I have land in tungi.if intrested u can mail me....
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    Wanted 50 ~ 500 acre around 200 k.m from mumbai

    50~500 acre barren/agri land around 100 ~ 200 k.m from mumbai Assalamalaikum, Plz let me know your budget per acre,your purpose of buying,n what requirment u need. ie water,road,electricity,village etc. Regards Sajid shaikh
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    Ornamental fishes available for both wholesale and Retail

    pl send the complete list of fishes along with price list.Do u breed arowana?
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    agri land mumbai goa road NH 17 highway

    please provide more information about the land
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    Need Land 15-20 Acres- Tamil Nadu & Maharashtra

    i have land around Lonavala perfect for farming.will it do?
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    Eid Goats Available

    small goats do u have baby barbari goats for should b milk feeding or just left milk.if yes plz let me know the price.
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    Goat Farming New Concept

    goat farming project Can you please send me the detail project for Goat farming.
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    Wanted Industrial Land around Pune

    Hello, If intrested in n around lonavala plz let me....
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    2 Acres land required in maharashtra

    land near mumbai-pune Hello, I am a real estate broker staying n operating in lonavala.If you are intrested in this region for farm house mail me on my email.... Please contact....