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    Wanted Farm labour for maintenance of coconut farm in Pollachi

    FARM LABOUR for maintenance of coconut farm in Pollachi wanted.Hands on experience required.
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    Question Natural fencing

    Thanks for the inputs sir.
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    Question Natural fencing

    Hi friends, I am intending to provide natural fencing for my coconut farm. Please guide me about the various varieties available and where I can purchase the seeds. I am located in Tamilnadu.
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    natural fencing

    hi i would like to provide natural fencing for my 30 acres coconut farm in pollachi.please help me with suitable information like the best plant,supplier of seeds if any. regards senthil kumar
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    rotary slasher for sale

    hi i would like to sell my new unused rotary slasher .it is located in pollachi. regards senthil kumar
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    coconut T*D variety seedlings

    hi iam in need of coconut T*D hybrid seedlings 500 nos.please provide the best quotes. regards senthil kumar
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    automatic three phase starter

    hi iam in need of an automatic starter for my submersible is a three phase,7.5 hp submersible pump.gsm based starters are preferrable.suppliers please quote your price and located in coimbatore district.
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    Organic certification

    dear sir what are the statutory and quality certificates needed to sell manure compost in a commercial basis.i have poultry manure compost for sale.please guide me. regards senthil
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    compost quality certificates

    dear friends i have composted poultry manure .i intend to sell it in a commercial basis.what are the statutory requirements and quality standards to be obtained for it.please guide me .i wish to do it as a regular business. regards senthil pollachi.
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    deejay farms,inordinate delay to deliver seedlings

    dear Mr.Murali i had just come across your posting.i got the delivery of the remaing seedlings on 21/02/12 that is after my posting.let me first clear certain facts with u.i had booked the seedlings only after speaking to Mr.Jagdeesh ,executive from the head office .he directed me to the...
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    Auto-Gas LPG Dispensing Station Franchise across India

    Auto lpg dear sir i reside in coimbatore district.iam interested in the above project.please furnish regards
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    deejay farms,inordinate delay to deliver seedlings

    dear friends i had ordered D*T coconut seedlings from deejay farms,madurai on 25/11/09.until date i have not been delivered the seedlings.i constantly remind them and there is no response or follow up from their company at all.each time they would say some reason and never turn up at all.they...
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    Want land of 5 acres around pollachi.

    hi we have 8 acres of land near pollachi for sale.p.m me for details regards senthil
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    coconut branch shredder

    iam in need of shredder for coconut branches which can be run by tractor p.t.o.if any one has informations on manufacturers please inform me. iam in coimbatore district,tamilnadu.
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    parthenium weeds

    can anyone please guide me how to control parthenium weeds in my coconut farm.repeated ploughing using rotary tiller is no good .weeds grow again.manual deweeding has become expensive.any spray or other methods
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    solar fencing

    dear sir i would like to know the cost involved per running feet. regards senthil kumar
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    solar fencing

    dear friends i own 10 acres farm lands near pollachi.i would like to provide solar fencing roughly for 3000 ft.please suggest what the total cost would be.fencing companies may also contact me. senthil kumar
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    Fresh Coconut - wanted for Export

    supply of coconuts dear sir iam a coconut farm owner in pollachi.regarding your query we can have a discussion. Please contact.... regards senthil kumar
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    coconut seedlings

    hi sijish where can i get this variety near coimbatore district
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    coconut seedlings

    i have 15 acres land near pollachi.i would like to plant coconut seedlings in my farm.which variety is best early flowering and good yield for tender co coconut sales.where can i get it regards senthil kumar