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    We require 200 Kgs of dried Maulsari Flowers (Mimusops elengi)
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    Honey from Indian Beech flowers

    We have ready stock of 2500 Kgs of Honey (brown in color) from Indian Beech flowers packed in plastic barrels. Please e-mail
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    Gloriosa Superba seed

    Sir, We require Gloriosa Superba seed. Please contact 9443011223 T.Mani
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    Urginea indica - indian squill

    Sir, Urginea indica - Indian(White) Squill is available with us in wet and dried condition. Please contact 09443011223 or e-mail to Thank You T.Mani
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    Coleus Forksholli

    Hello, I require 2 Kgs fully grown WET coleus roots. Please contact 09443011223 or e-mail to
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    Konch seeds

    Sir, Konch Seeds (Black) Mucuna Pruriens available for sale. Please e-mail your requirement to T.Mani
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    Wanted stevia in all forms for distribution in south Tamilnadu. Please e-mail the specifications, packing, price and other relevant information about stevia to
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    Wanted Palmyrah/Coconut Tree Climbing Machines

    Sir, We are going to participate in an international trade fair in a land of agriculture shortly as exhibitor. We require palm/coconut tree climber to display in our stall. Please enlighten us the technical specifications of palm/coconut tree climber and quote price etc to
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    NEEM CAKE (Organic Manure) for sale

    Sir, Neem cake as organic manure with the specifications of 01.Total Nitrogen (%) - 4.12 (Concentration) 02.Total Phosphorus (%) - 0.65 (Concentration) 03.Total Potassium (%) - 0.80 (Concentration) available bulk for sale. Contact -
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    Drying equipment for leaves,roots, flowers,fruits

    We are on the look out for machinery to dry leaves,roots,flowers,fruits,thorns,barks of the various trees. Reply to
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    Centella asiatica

    English Names-Indian Pennywort or Gotu Kola Hindi Names -bemgsag, brahmamanduki, brahmi, brahmi buti, brahmi-buti, kulakudi, popli Tamil Name - Vallaarai available for sale in wet or dry condition Contact -
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    Moringa Seeds for Sale

    country Moringa seeds for sale E-Mail -
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    Moringa leaves for sale

    Moringa leaves dried available for sale. Please contact for your requirement. T.Mani Indian Flora 15 LIG Colony K K Nagar Madurai - 625 020 Tamilnadu Mobile - 9443011223 E-Mail -