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    How to get rid of weeds?

    We can further sow amaranthus, dhaniya, methi, palak like things which can be harvested with in one month. when harvested the soil gets loosened again. M VENKATA SUBBARAO
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    How to get rid of weeds?

    Thoroughly cultivate the land and water it and allow all the seeds in the land to germinate. once we are sure that most of the seeds are germinated then cultivate once again. Now we are sure that most of the seed based weeds are eradicated. Sowing of plants can be done now. After the sprouts...
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    Pure organic farmers required

    EXPERIENCED ORGANIC FARMERS (COW BASED) (RATHER NATURAL FARMING)IN MANGO COCONUT RICE MAIZE AND OTHER DRY CROPS IN 20 ACRES OF LAND ARE REQUIRED We have 16 acres of land at one place and 7 acres of land at another place. We intend to cultivate these two plots through organic farming methods...