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    sarpagandha seed

    Dear Sir/Madam, Where do you want to supply.
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    Drumstick Seeds

    Pls specifiy the quantity
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    organic Tulsi(basil) in bulk

    We have bulk quantity of grade 1 organic tulsi(ocimum basillicum) available for sale.intrested buyers,please contact.
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    tulshi seed

    tulsi seeds Dear sir, we can supply orgnic tulsa seeds in bulk quantity,kindly specify your location and quantity requried so that we may work out the quotes accordingly. Thanks & regards, GVS Please contact..
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    wanted organic cocoa bean reg

    organic cocobean Dear Sir, please specify quantity required,place of delivery and timeline. regards, GVS
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    Spray drying unit on lease/ 3P operation

    We require spray drying facility in or around Delhi/ NCR, on lease or 3rd party operation basis for preparing dried powder from fruit pulp. Interested people please contact
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    We can supply Stevia Plants at Rs.2 per plant. In case you are interested please contact Please contact..
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    Stevia planting material available

    We have 50,000 Stevia plants available with us. Interested buyers please contact:
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    Looking for turmeric rhizomes

    We can supply turmeric rhizomes (both organic & inorganic). Please inform about the quantity required & the district of AP where, it has to be delivered. Thanks Regards GVS Please contact..
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    Basmati rice -wanted

    We are suppliers of organic Basmati Rice. We can supply the following grades in Bulk: 1. Sharbati (Long Grain Rice, not Basmati) 2. PUSA Basmati 3. Dehraduni Basmati In case you are interested, kindly specify your exact requirement & location, so that we may quote the rates accordingly...
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    satavar seeds

    what is the quantity of seeds required? also mention your location.
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    Wanted Herbs

    we can supply these item . For further details, Kindly mail to us with the following details: Location Quantity required quality specification (if any) timeline
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    Wanted bulk stevia leaves/amla

    we can supply stevia & aonla in bulk(live plants , fresh & dried fruit/ leave ). for further details contact
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    Wanted Distributors Fast Growing Organic Agro Company.

    we are interested in distributorship in U.P. & Uttarakhand. Kindly send your T&C for the same thanks Regards GVS
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    aloe vera farmig

    You can get Aloe vera saplings from Rajasthan (Esp. Bikaner) . In case you don't have any contact in Rajasthan, we can supply the same to you. Also, we can provide you cultivation & post harvest protocol to you (no charges involved). Please provide you email id for the same. Thank you...
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    wanted agarwood sappings where can I get it?

    we can supply agarwood saplings. Kindly inform about the quantity & location.
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    Teak Saplings Saagvaan

    We can supply Teak saplings. Kindly contact
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    need rudraksha and bilva saplings at mumbai

    We can supply Rudraksh & Bael in bulk. Kindly specify your details: 1. Location 2. Number of Plant 3. Desirable Age of plant 4. Timeline We will be able to provide you quote only after you furnish the above details. Thank you Regards GVS
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    Distributors invited from Karnataka, Maharashtra, UP, MP and Kerala

    We are interested in distributorship for UP. Kindly provide more product details along with T&C for distributorship. Please contact..
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    Rs 10.00 Crores for Cold Storage on or before August 31, 2010

    interested in cold chain project Please Provide your contact details so that we may talk. We operate in the Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab & Madhya Pradesh. Also, you can contact us through