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    Wanted Wanted land in Tamilnadu

    Please contact me sir i too looking for cheap land +918220824978
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    Wanted Wanted gir cow.

    we too need 10 gir cows please contact us @ +918220824978
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    Wanted Looking for farmland around Chennai 75-100 KM Radius from Vadapalani, Chennai

    Please give us more details +918220824978
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    organic farming please give me guidance

    call me on +918220824978 I m giving free consulting on organic and natural farming
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    Want to start agriculture newly

    with zero budget farming you can attain good profits within few years by investing really nothing. please cont me for free consulting. 8220824978
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    Suggest Trees for Plantation

    Call me for more information.. we are giving free consultation on natural and zero budget farming which require less investment and more return +918220824978
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    How to get rid of weeds?

    There are many simple natural ways to control Seeds. Please call me for more information.. we are giving free consultation on natural and zero budget farming +91 8220824978
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    What to grow in Tuticorin,Tamilnadu ?

    By using 5 layer concept you can plant 500 mixed trees in an acre .. for more details please contact me .. I m giving free consulting +918220824978
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    Sustainable Farming Workshop - November 5, 2016 - தற்சார்பு வேளாண்மை பயிற்சி /

    Please see the fb link for the event location and other details .. It's rs.100 per head inclusive of lunch and tea.
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    Sustainable Farming Workshop - November 5, 2016 - தற்சார்பு வேளாண்மை பயிற்சி /

    SUSTAINABLE FARMING WORKSHOP is focused on How to make farming simple and sustainable by using essence from the following concepts. A. Zero Budget Integrated Natural farming B. Aquaculture C. Bio Dynamic Farming D. Indian Traditional Farming. Practical cum Interactive sessions. For more details...
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    why farming projects failed ?

    Most farmers dependent a to z on others that's why farmers fails. Only sustainable farming methods which is self dependent from seeds to sale can save the farmers. For more details call me +918220824978
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    Advice needed for planting fruit trees

    Call me for more details 8220824978
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    Guidance/Consultation required to start agri-farming business

    Please visit to know about sustainable farming by using natural zero budget concepts And call me for more details.. we are giving free consultation cum training +918220824978
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    What other agricultural products can be grown from paddy lands ?

    Groundnuts black gram green gram sesame water melon musk melon pumpkin ect depends up on water draining facility..
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    I am new here,I want to make an organic garden,Need help and support

    Hi Feel free to call me every day I get many calls on organic zero budget farming.. I dedicated my entire life for this purpose.. just call me and say regarding organic farming that's it no matter who you are or where you calling from I will start talking like you are my old friend .. cheers: )
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    organic farming on roof top

    Please call contact us with more details. We can assist you. Thank you. +918220824978
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    Organic Farming expertise required

    We are giving free consulting / training to set up an 100% organic farm which needs really no investment at all. A true natural farm should be sustainable and require no investment at all. Please contact me for further assistance. +918220824978 thank you
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    Asafoetida cultivation in hilly areas

    Please give us exact location in Kerala and sea level.. so that we can suggest best suitable trees Thanking you Kannan
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    I am planning to start a goat farm and zero cost natural farming .

    We are giving free consulting on the same.. I m in chengalpattu.. Please contact me for more details .. Please go through the link below to understand about our service