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    Land Available 2 acre land available for leasing Kanakapura Road , Bangalore

    Can I please get your contact number. would like to speak to you about it.
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    Land Available 2 acre land available for leasing Kanakapura Road , Bangalore

    2 acre land in Gabbadi, 2 KM before harohalli , kanakapura road Bangalore is available for leasing. there is 24 hours water supply to the acreage. also ready for dripping irrigation if anyone is interested. I am happy to lease for the following : 1. cow farming. 2. sheep farming, goat farming...
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    Question Need suggestion for teak growing in 2 acre farm land

    I have 2 acre a farmland at Gabbadi harohalli near kanakapura road Bangalore. I want few references and suggestion. I am looking to develop the farmland by doing the following. their is already 15 mango plants. plus I want to put Teak wood plants, coconut plants and some arecanut plants and also...
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    agricultural land for immediate sale in karnataka

    HI I am interesting in buying only 5-10 acre land. is it possible to buy only these. if so please mail me with the contact details
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    invest Rs 3000 and get Rs 261/ month

    Looks interesting, not sure . how trust worthy it is. can I have details to call you guys
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    Looking for Agricultural land for sale in bangalore/mysore

    HI, I am looking to purchase 10 acres in or around mysore or bangalore my budget is 50,000/- to 1 lakh for an acre. I need clear documents. Please let me know if you do have any.
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    wanted investors for rubber farm cultivation

    HI, Sounds interesting, mail me back with complete details
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    Auto-Gas LPG Dispensing Station Franchise across India

    I am from Australia, looking to set up business in Bangalore. want to know more about this distribution and have a 2 acre land near harohalli bangalore. please mail me with complete project regards Nandini
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    Want 3-10 acre for agriculture purpose

    I am looking for land where the is a water facility for sale near Tumkur,kanakapura,chikmanglore, chikballapura, dodaballapur,mangalore.
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    Casuarina equisitifolia Casuarina Surve

    HI I am looking to plant Casuarina equisitifolia/Casuarina/Surve in our land. where can I find this, how much is it and what is the expenditure involved in planting this. I also would like to know how many years it takes to grow up and how to look after it and where do I start from...
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    Farm Land on lease

    HI, We have a 2 acre land near gabadi(harohalli) in Bangalore. let me know what is your interest and pass me on your contact details. regards Nandini
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    Emu farming in Bangalore and Mysore

    HI Chetan, I would like to set up emu farming in bangalore. please pass on your contact details to regards Nandini
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    Inviting partners from IT for Horticulture Projects in Bangalore

    HI< I am Nandini, working in IT industry from past 7 years. me and my husband, would like to join this. Please give us the complete info and the contact details.
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    starting a new Business

    Thanks Swamyji. There is no water right now in that place.. but we need to add borewell for water and take electrictiy connection. good one. It is a starting point. Will look at it.
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    2 acres 38 guntas farmland on the banks of river Kabini for sale, near Mysooru.

    can you please quote the price. Hi, I would like to know your best price. you can reply to me via this email or to
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    starting a new Business

    My name is Nandini, We have a 2 acre land near harohalli a village called gabadi... My father in law is agriculturalist. They were using the land all these days to grow Ragi and other small things. But they are unable to do anything in that for now.. We want to help my father in law and...