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    Fly ash for sale

    Fly ash With reference to your requirement regarding fly Ash please contact Regards
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    Cashew Nuts for Sale

    We have over 1000 kgs. cashew nuts for sale from Maharashtra - Sangmeshwar area. We can supply on regular basis all grades of Cashew nuts and also cashew pcs (i.e. Pakli & Tukda) interested buyers can write on Private Massage or contact . Regards, Subhash
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    Cashew processing consultancy

    Cashew Processing Training Dear Sanket, You can approach "MITCON" Branch which is situated at Ratnagiri, Address: C/o District Industry Centre, Jail Road, Ratnagiri. They conduct 15 days training including practical and training fees is Rs. 1000/-. However if still you need further information...
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    Wanted Land in Konkan

    land at kokan belt Dear Mr. Sandesh, We can make available desired (Small or Big) agriculture plots between Panvel - Ratnagiri - Near Ganpatipule - lanja. Please specify how much area as well as other infra such as Water and road access to the land as price shall have upper hand when two...
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    Floriculture Training

    Dear Firozhusen, You can get in touch with Horticulture Training Centre Talegaon - Dabhade,Pune. They have 5 days training secssion on the subject including Green House management for that they charged Rs. 5200/- (including stay,food & training fees) and also issue you a certificate for the...
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    Contact Dear Rajat, You can contact Mr. Atul Kalaskar, based at Pune and he is also a member of this site. Regards, Subhash
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    Agri land for sale - Ratnagiri

    Hi, We have over 3 acer (131 guntas) road touch agriland for sale with around 100 alphanso mango trees and over 30 cashew trees (both mango & cashew trees are bearing fruits) and a open constructed well, 50 feet deep with water availability throughout the year, Plot is fenced with local stone...
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    Agriculture land in Konkan

    agriland furnish your email id on PM for further details. Regards, Subhash
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    looking for investors on JV for agro project

    Response Dear Mr. Murthy, Contact us . we have landbank over 150 acers. Regards, Subhash
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    Dear Sir, Company in Agro field, having over 150 acres of agri land in Raigad, Maharashtra. Recently we had planted Okra ( Bhindi) is good Holland hybrid quality, Cucumber, Bottle Gourd (Dudhi) , Gawar & Bitter Gourd ( Karela), Pumkin (Bhopla) of hybrid & export quality, Our desired...
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    Medicinal Plants - Buy Back

    Interested Dear Sir, we have over 150 acres of agri land at maharashtra - Raigad, about your proposal pl. write in details,Please contact.. Regards, Subhash
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    [b]Fruits and vegetables REQUIRED on DAILY BASIS[/b]

    Vegetables for Sale - Aug-10 onwards Please contact us . We are Vegetable growers on large scale. Regards, Subhash
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    Naga King Chilli(Bhut Jolokia)

    Contact Please furnish your email id. Regards, Subhash
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    100% Profitable flower business for Dusherra and Diwali

    floriculture you can contact us on PM. we have over 150 acres land at a distance 140 kms from mumbai. contact Regards, Subhash
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    Fencing for Agriculture Land

    Fencing Alongwith Barbed GI wire with Cement pole fencing you can also plant trees want as mentioned by our co-menber. Please let me know the place where you want to do fencing accordingly i can guide you appropriate source. Regards. Subhash
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    Vegetable for sale.

    During Aug - Sept - Oct 2010 vegetables like Lady finger (Bhindi) hybrid quality, Gawar, Dudhi & Cucumber shall be available for sale from our farm at Maharashtra - Raigad in large quantity. Interested buyer can contact on PM and book their quantity in advance. Regards, Subhash
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    Cinnamon for sale

    We have 100 kgs. of good quality of cinnamon from our farm at kokan is for sale, quantity available around 100 kgs, interested buyer can contact . Regards, Subhash
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    Cashews Required

    please inform your contact details & email on my PM alongwith Quantity and any specific grade required,alongwith payment term enable us to quote accordingly. Regards,
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    Buying Stevia Dry Leaves

    Contact details Please send your contact details & email id on PM. Regards,
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    Use of KALTAR dameges Mango plants????

    kaltar By using kaltar you may increase the quantity of fruit from tree, however it is not good for Plant and life of the tree get reduced.