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    perfect red soil with good ground water source in tamilnadu

    Hi Bhaskaran, Good morning to you I am Siva Prasad I did my PG in Agriculture in Madurai I am interested to know more about the land. I am interested to buy if everything goes right My mobile number is 09959022190
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    Agri land selling by bank manager

    Hello I am Siva Prasad from Hindupur. May I know the price per acre and what is the acreage? 09959022190
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    Certified Guar Seed@150 per KG ?

    Guar Seed I need seed for 50 acres Please give me your mobile number What is the variety Reply
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    PINNELLI GUAR SEED (RGC-936 STEM Variety) ; rs400/KG

    Guar Seed Can you please tell me how much seed you have? Can we sow now? Your mobile number please
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    Farm lands in prakasam and nellore districts

    Hello I am Siva Prasad. I am interested to know more.. Can I get your mobile number please? I am M.Sc.Agri and I am looking for 10-15 acres land with water. Please call on this number.
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    insulin plant for sale

    Insulin Plants Dear Sirs, I want to sell Insulin plants in Hyderabad. We have two shops and in that I want to keep and sell. Please let me know the bulk price of these plants
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    100 Acre land for sale near chittoor, ANdhra pradesh

    Hello I am Siva Prasad from Hyderabad. I am interested to buy the land. Can I get your mobile number please? Thanks Shiva
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    low cost land for sale near by Madanapalle, Chittoor dt

    Dear Mr.Reddy Garu, I am Siva Prasad M.Sc.agriculture. I am interested to buy for which I need to talk to you. Please contakt me Siva
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    Funding for agri/agro project with low interest rates

    Hello This is G.L.Siva Prasad MSc.Ag. I am from Hyderabad and I work for a big fertilizer company as senior manager with good pay check. I have 18 acres of land and I want to improve the land condition and go for horticultural crops. I need loan for this purpose. Please contact me Please reply.
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    turmeric powder

    Which place Call me Siva Prasad Please contact..
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    Land Available Leasing agriculture land and poultry farms

    Dear Friend, I am G.L.Siva Prasad Msc Agri and I wish to take your land on long lease and I stay in Hyderabad. Please let me know more details abt your land. Please contact... Siva Prasad
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    Agri LAnd for Sale near mysore

    Can you give your mobile number? Siva Prasad
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    Agri land 60 Acres for sale at kadapa dist.,A.P

    Dear Mr.Vinay, Can you give your mobile number and I am G.L.Siva Prasad with mobile number . Please call me. Where exactly is the location? Reply Siva
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    Rice Transplanter

    Rice Transplanters I have 10 VST ride on 8 row transplanters of which 5 unused and rest 10-15 hours used, We are ready to dispose it off as they are not very much suited for delta soils like black sticky soils. We will sell at throw away price. For Punjab they are suited well. Call me
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    18 acres dry land for sales near Hindupur

    I have 18 acres dry land of red soil. 100 yards from Main road and between the main road and land railway track is there. If you cross the track you will land into 18 acres. I have 3 borewells dug in 2007 but no motors fitted. Two are with water and now water table has come up because of...
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    organic paddy and jaggary

    quote plz send yur quote for both rice and jaggery shiva
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    Agriculture lands for sale in Karnataka

    Land wanted Can yu plz tell the exact price Call to
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    land for sale

    Please tell me the price Shiva
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    land for sale

    Hello Good Morning Can you tell me the price? Shiva
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    seedling trays

    Hello We are in search of seedling trays of the following size. It is inner dimension I am furnishing 28 cms x 58 cms X 2 cms. It should have holes at every 2 cms. This is for rising paddy nursery suiting to machine transplanting. Please reply and i need 1 lakh trays G.L.Siva Prasad