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    Question How to get rid of Parthenium??

    Thank you! I will try as suggested.
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    Question Intercrop for coconut trees

    Hi, We have a coconut farm with 1 year old and our area is dry during summer situated in westernghats belt. We are looking for intercrop like trees which also shouldnt harm our coconut trees. We thought of papaya trees, but white insect will harm our small coconut trees as well. So dropped...
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    Question How to get rid of Parthenium??

    Hi All, We have coconut farm with 1 year old trees. We take the weeds around the tree once in a month. But the area between trees are filled with parthenium and we are tired of removing it. We tried salt water and its only for couple of weeks.Again the Parthenium plants pop up. Please guide.
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    Wanted I want to plant some trees in our village near Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu as a social service.

    Tamrakrishna, Really a nice thought on giving back to earthmother. All the best! Try keeping the trees which yields and so you can expand your service for initial stage like Mango, Gauva, Amla and other local fruits like elanthai, cashew. This can be food to animals and birds. As you can visit...
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    How about converting your barren lands in forests ?

    Mark, This would be best way to give back our mother earth and to our society. Try growing medicinal plants/trees as they are getting extinct. Each tree has its own medicinal value, like Banyan, Neem, Bulletwood are good for purifying air and so many to name with different features. I wish you...
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    Suggest Trees for Plantation

    Hello Rajagopal, It depends upon the location and water source. Where is your farm located? For example, In case of growing Mango trees, you may need good water at initial stage. If very less water source, try Amla, Sappota, Gauva. Best to suggest, check for the nearby farms and you will get an...
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    How to get rid of weeds?

    Hi All, We have planted bringal. There are lots of weeds /grasses inside the farm and we removed using man power. Please let me know is there any otherway to remove naturally ?