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    40 to 150 acres agricultural land for sale

    lands Dear sir, I am intersted in buying lands as per your information,kindly let me know final rate per acre. we need only 30 acres. k.velmurugan
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    land for sale near Thiruvarur

    Land details Kindly let know your contact details regards, k.velmurugan
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    Looking for the herbal extraction business!!

    medicinal plants extraction Dear sir, kindly let me know about demand for coleus extract and dry tubers k.velmurugan UOTE=dishan;94145]Dear Sir we have a unit in Bangalore for herbal extraction please contact me to take your intended project forward regards sujit
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    Wanted for export...Waxed Tapioca...

    waxed tapioca Dear sir, KINDLY LET ME KNOW YOUR CONTACT DETAILS Regards, k.velmurugan
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    farm manager

    Dear sir, KINDLY LET ME KNOW YOUR CONTACT DETAILS Regards, k.velmurugan
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    wanted agronomist

    Agronomist Dear sir, KINDLY LET ME KNOW YOUR CONTACT DETAILS Regards, k.velmurugan
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    power tiller, walking tractor,

    Power tiller Dear Sir, Kindly e brochure for power tiller Regards, k.velmurugan
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    Wanted farmers for cultivation of herbs

    Contract Farming- hrebal cultivation Dear Sir, i am interested in organising farmers for contract farming up to 500 acres in my area salem district Tamilnadu.Kindly let me know in detail about your requirementes. Regards, k.velmurugan
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    Agriculture LAND 20acres for Sale @ dINDIGUL to Kodaikanal main road

    lands Dear sir Please quote your best price per acre. Thanks, k.velmurugan
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    coleus planting material wanted for planting

    Coleus seedlings Dear sir, i can arrange coleus seedlings, kindly contact and let me know your requirements... Regards, k.velmurugan
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    Tree plantation

    Tree Saplings Dear Sir, Please send price list for the same, Regards, k.velmurugan
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    Jatropha Seeds & crude oil offered

    Contract Farming-Medicinal farming Dear Sir /Madam, Greetings, I am engaged in the field of medicinal plants cultivation for the past 15 years. I am interested to enter tie up agreement with your concern for long term planning Kindly let me know your detailed requirements for the same...
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    Coleus Roots Availabel for Sale

    Coleus Roots 75 MT Good quality Dear Sir , wE HAVE GOOD QUALITY cOLEUS Roots 75 Tommes in Good quality. Kindly contact me and let me know your contact details, K.VELMURUGAN
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    Planting material required_Sarpgandha_Coleus!

    Coleus Seed material Dear Sir, We have good quality coleus stem cuttings, Kindly let me know your contact details at the earliest velmurugan
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    Land details i am also in tamilnadu willing to buy agri lands in tamilnadu send your contact details velmurugan
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    wanted berran land

    Land details Dear Sir, I am interested in purchasing land, kindly let me know your contact details velmurugan
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    Picturesque 19 Acres of Land near Polur, Tiruvannamalai District

    Land details Kindly send your contact details, i am interested in purchasing Send complete details and best price k.velmurugan
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    50 acres Agricultural Land for Sale

    Land details Kindly send complete details , i am interested in it and kindly send your contact details Regards, k.velmurugan