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    Invest in Dairy Business and earn 30% returns Per year

    Thanks dude !! Thanks dude, I respect your knowledge and achievements, will try to follow what you said...! Also I sent you a mail from my personal id, I hope you remember me !!
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    Invest in Dairy Business and earn 30% returns Per year

    Ah .... Ah..... Dr Sant .... once again you showed aggression, I just asked "Is that you?" What is the problem with you ? If you dont have time then why do you read websites and comment and ask people for consultancy. NDRI scientists also go to various countries but how capable they are I...
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    Invest in Dairy Business and earn 30% returns Per year

    Ah .. great discussion by Manas and Prateek but limited to arguments and some one sided comments by dairyman (Is that Mr. Sant You?). I am not doing dairy farming but I have researched this field for last more than 1 year and gone through every possible info I could get (online and offline...
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    Dairy Farming Topics

    Just search for "Dairy Farm Guide" in google. Also I was planning to upgrade membership to business member but it seems moderator has increased its charges from 500 to 3800 per year - so dropping the idea for now.
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    Dairy Farming Topics

    I mentioned the website name with link but admin/owner of this forum deleted that :( Although there is nothing commercial in this website and its purely for general publics interest. Once again I am writing - *For Moderator - website contains vital dairy farming informations, there is no...
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    Dairy Farming Topics

    Dear All, So finally with all training information and research I did in dairy farming is offerred to everyone who is insterested in doing this business, through a website I have launched few days back. - A complete dairy farming guide website with detailed...
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    Looking to buy crossbreed HF & Jersey Cows

    Dear All, I am about to start a dairy farm in Lucknow, UP and for that I am looking to buy good quality 25 crossbreed HF and Jersey cows which can produce upto 20-24 ltrs per day on an average (300 days). Preferred crossbreeds with Tharparkar x HF and Sahiwal x HF, Jersey or any other...
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    How to make hydroponic nutrient solution

    suppose we want to do container gardening and grow vegetables like tomato, bringal, capsicum, chilli etc. using peat moss or coco peat. Can we mix various fertilizers and make it?
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    How to make hydroponic nutrient solution

    Can any one please provide way to prepare hydroponic nutrient solution to be used with coco peat for hydrophonic gardening? I feel its a wonderful technology and more info on this will be much appriciated. Is it available in market as ready made product or we have to prepare by mixing various...
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    Advertising NDRI - TBI Karnal High-Tech Dairy Farming Training Starts from 25th August

    Please contact... For moderator - Please do not remove links, its not a private organisation but a government institute (i have no personal benefit from this)
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    Advertising NDRI - TBI Karnal High-Tech Dairy Farming Training Starts from 25th August

    NDRI - TBI Karnal is starting a dairy farming training for enterpreneurs from 25th August to 3rd Sep. Its a very good opportunity for new enterpreneurs to get knowledge on high tech dairy farming. Check more TBI - Welcome To Technology Business Incubator For moderator - Please do not...
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    Contract farming cost for growing hybrid napier

    I wanted to know that how much we should pay a farmer who grows green fodder on contract on his own land? Lets say I wanted a farmer should cultivate Hybrid Napeir on 1 acre land for whole year, then how much should I pay him in return per year? (manure & seeds are provided by us)
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    Softwares To Manage Dairy Farming Activities

    What are the softwares available to manage a dairy farm day to day activities and reporting and where to get them? They should cover all aspects.
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    Milking Machines for buffalo - Do they really work

    Is it a can cluster machine, pipeline or milking parlour? How much did that cost you?
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    Milking Machines for buffalo - Do they really work

    I have got news from some old veteran dairy farm workers/owners from Aarey, Mumbai that Milking machines for buffalos do not work and cause more harm than milking, because there is no cetrainity of fixed quantity milking on daily basis. Is this true or we have more latest technologies to...
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    Private Limited Company for farming?

    To get tax benefits a Pvt Ltd firm is never suggested and also it has lot of formalities to be fulfilled every now and then. Consider a partnership firm instead. Regarding you second point - Old uneducated people and methods making farmers way behind thier capabilities. Also if you have your...
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    Sharing of Murrah Transport from Rohtak to AP

    Hello, Can you please share how much buffalos costing you? and from where you are purchasing (Khurana or any one else)?
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    Finance Available for Dairy/Goat/Sheep Farming Projects…, Apply Today

    I know one website (Consumer Complaints - File Online Consumer Complaint for Fraud and Scam Companies at which have similar kind of money fraud complaints from real victimes. I think we do not say that every offer is a fraud but beware before accepting any kind of offers not...
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    Starting Dairy Farming in Gujarat.

    1.which animal is better economically, Cows or Buffalows. - Your target should be to achive profit where buffalos are in plus situation because their milk sells at much higher cost 2. How much would a good breed Cow and Buffalow cost in gujarat. - Normal price for a 3rd year HF/Jersey...
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    Details of Land Required for Dairy Farming for Fodder

    can anyone show some light on: - How much irrigated land required per livestock for year long supply on green fodder? - What is the average cost required to cultivate green fodder per acre?