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    Question What are the names of a few organic fertiliser that are safe?

    There are many organic fertilizers that are safe and effective for use in gardening and agriculture. Here are a few examples: Compost: Compost is a natural fertilizer made from organic matter, such as vegetable scraps, leaves, and grass clippings. It is a rich source of nutrients and helps to...
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    For Sale Feed production equipment for sale

    We sell various sizes of feed production equipment for poultry, livestock, and aquatic species, and you can contact me if you need it.
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    Wanted Murrel fish in large quantity

    Do you need a fish feed production line, if so you can contact me, we offer professional services and turnkey projects.
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    Question Fish, shrimps, crab, goat and cow farming

    Do you need feed pellet production equipment for fish, shrimp and cattle? If so please contact me, we are professionals.
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    Required Animal feeds manufacturing units

    We offer a turnkey service for animal feed mills, contact me if you are interested.