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    Spent Malt,Beer Malt, Beer potu for sale

    Hi We can supply Beer malt or Spent Malt or Beer Pottu from Pondicherrry and from Chennai . Interested daily farm developers pl contact. Reagards Raja Rajan
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    Wanter ,Spent Malt or DWGS or Beer Malt or Beer Wast

    We requier reqular quantity of Spent Malt or DWSG or Beer wast or Beer malt, interested selllrs pl reply with your contact address and tel and call nos. Raj
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    Red Chilly Wanted

    Hi We can supply pl send your specific requierment with packing condition.reply Thanking you Raja Rajan
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    I want the market to export rice form Thailand

    Hi We are agents we can help you send your detailed offer to our mailid Regards Raja Rajan
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    Wanted wanted granite quarry

    Hi We have granite quary lands in Tamilnadu if your interested you can contact my mobile or mail me . we have offers in your budjet we can even arrange export of your rough granite blocks to china . Thanking you Raja Rajan
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    Erode Tumeric

    Dear Hisamudin Abd.Wahid Pl send your official requierment to our e mailid to sne our quote. Regards Raja Rajan Please contact....
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    prawns suppliers

    Re: Prawns Dear Sir Please send your quote as per the verity and count per Kg and specs and monthly supply quantity and pl confirm is it fresh water or sea. Please contact..... Regards Raja Rajan
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    I am offering Finance for India Agriculture projects.

    Dear Sir We are potato chips manufacturing company from Chennai South India and we are into Dairy products supply to all leading hotels and we have own lands around 30 Acers to start dairy farm in our place near chidambarm and we would like to meet you to discuss in person reg you financial...
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    We sell button mushroom at the lowest possible price

    Re: Mashroom Hi we have good reputation in chennai hotels for supply of food products if we can supply us we can take regular quantity based on your price offer and verity and quality. Regards Raja Rajan Please contact....
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    Require Consultant-poultry farm

    Re: Poultry Farm Hi We can offer consultansy for starting poultry farm pl reply with your full contact address to our email id to discuss.. Please contact... Regards. Raja Rajan
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    cotton seed oil and cake available

    Re: Cotton Seed oil Dear Sir We are interested in cotton seed oil pl reply with specs and cost of oil to our e mailid.... Please contact.... Thanking you Raja Rajan
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    Cows and buffalos available for sale

    Dear Sir We are interested in Jersey cross breed calfs and Murrah calfs will you pl supply our need our initial requirment will be 10 nos in Murrh and 5 nos in Jerssy cross breed. pl reply your offer and your contact details to our e mailid. Regards Raja rajan Please contact.....
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    Potassium chloride, Potassium compounds, Monoammonium phosphate, fertilizers

    Hi we are intending agents we are interested to do business with your esteemed company pl send your contact information to our mail... Thanking you Raja Rajan
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    Garlic Wanted

    Can you pl give your contact details so we close the deal asap. Regards Raja Rajan
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    Wanted tomato puree and paste in bulk qunatity

    Dear Sir Iam from Chennai and we can supply from Pondy can you pl reply with your contact details. Regards Raja Rajan Enrich Foods
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    Wanted Fresh Hard Potatoes Suitable for Chips Manufacturing

    We need fresh hard potatoes for chips manufacturing we are located in chennai and direct suppliers pl contact with chennai delivery price and your contact details. Regards Raja Rajan Please contact.....
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    Spent Malt Distributors

    Interested in Business Dear Mr. Sivan Interested in your message and would like to know more about the business expecting your reply. Regards Raja Rajan Please contact.............
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    wanting paneer

    Supply Paneer What is your Location and quantity require and your expected target price. Regards Raja Please contact....
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    Wanted High Breed Buffalos

    We need 5 to 10 Healthy High breed buffalo's calf 1.5 years to 2 years old interested sellers pl reply with your quote. Regards Raja Please contact....
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    Wanted Castor Oil

    We need Castor oil Commercial grade and Cosmetic grade on regular basis manufacturers pl contact with your specs, monthly required quantity and quote. Regards Raja Please contact.....