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    Wanted Wanted 100-1000 acre land

    Looking for 100-1000 acres land in karnataka, tamilnadu, andhra, telangana, odisha, kerla , maharashtra, for 27000-41000/acre.
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    Wanted Need a candidate for writing article on agriculture.

    I am interested in your offer but i am not graduate. You can try me Let me give 5 options I will write articles on that topic . and yes you were never saw and wont see such article in future. And yes that will be complementry . Actually i have vast knowledge of many field and i am now...
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    B.K. Deva Rao - Collects and preserves array of 154 rice varieties.

    Dear sir I would like to visit your place and collect some seeds of all . I am too interested in preserving deshi seeds for future generation. Buntee
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    Wanted Looking for agriculture land in telangana

    Where in odisha and how much land is there?
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    Need guidance to start agriculture with 1.5 inch borewell water

    Send me your details. Contact number. I will guide you in that. And yes I won't ask any fee. If you like my guidance we will work together in future or I will buy your entire production if you follow me. Regards Buntee
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    Wanted Need business partner for our vegetables business

    Send me full details
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    Wanted 14 acres Agriculture Land for lease

    Please send me your contact details and land msp
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    Wanted Want agricultural land for lease

    Asking price ? Which type of partner you are searching?
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    Advertising Cultivate herbal medicinal product by contract farming.

    How much you are expecting from per acre? Let me know I am in search of big land for integrated project. If your land area and facility and your requirement suites me I will deal with you. Regards Bunty
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    Wanted Wanted 100 acres land

    I am in search of 100 acre land in remote area of andhra, karnataka , maharastra , odisha . Water facility or nearby pond river preferred. Price should not more than 1 lakh per acre. For jungle purpose. Land must be connected through at least 10' road.
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    Agricultural Land on Rent

    I am inter3sted. Send me full details along with your asking offer or options in.offers