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  1. manojsinghchandel

    About Dairy Farming_ To start New Dairy Farm

    Hi, Min. 20 animals will give the viability of the dairy unit. Also depends upon your market linkages/ tie-ups. 70 % cost goes to feed management. For organic you need to maintain the entire supply chain in dairy as organic i.e. supply of organic fodder etc. For details, we can provide you...
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    How to get the official government survey done on agricultural land in karjat ?

    Hi, It seems your land falls in Forest Zone. You need to talk to Land Records Department of your district. Regards
  3. manojsinghchandel

    Arecanut Price in this year

    Hi, You are procuring it at very high rates as compared to other areas of Karnataka. Rates will increase in April-May around.
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    Question Investment require for plant tissue culture

    Project Report Hi, We can provide you detailed project report along with economics. Mail us for details. Regards
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    Question How to sell TEAK trees

    Hanuman Wood Industries, Bengaluru - 08049593685 Shri Ganesh Saw Mill, Bengaluru - 09448059532 Sri Basaweshara Timbers, Bengaluru - +(91)-9845317760 +(91)-9845317678
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    drumstick veriety

    Check with them: 1) Gujarat Seeds Company - +(91)-9426042797 +(91)-9825250036 2) Fortune Seeds, Odisha - 08042904346 3) Genius nature herbs, Tamilnadu - +91 9840079240 Regards
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    Organic Fertilize/Manure Plant

    The Organic Farm in India has increased to 11 lacs ha. and growth rate has reached upto 20 % per year and the market for organic food is around 6000 crores by 2015. Therefore, the market for organic fertilizer is increasing and continue to do so in near future. If you want us to do detailed...
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    Need requirements to start a new poultry farm

    Hi, We can provide you project report containing all the details required including economics, contact details of different suppliers of raw materials near your area and other such things. This will help you in taking an appropriate decision about selection of material/ consultant/ birds...
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    Rice Bran Oil Project Report

    Dear Members, Rice bran oil consumption in the country has been clocking a 20-25 per cent growth rate in the last four-five years. Increase in domestic demand and the government decision's, taken last year, to remove the quantitative ceiling of 20,000 tonnes on export of branded consumer...
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    Find out Markets for your Agro. Products - CAS Agril. Mktg. Services

    Dear Members, Are you dealing in Agricultural Products and finding it difficult to get markets for your produce ? Contact us. We assist farmers/ traders/ companies to explore different domestic and international markets for their products and enhance their incomes. Mail us for details. Regards
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    Agribusiness Project Feasibility Reports at Affordable Cost

    Dear Members, We do provide Agribusiness Project Feasibility Reports at very Affordable Cost based upon your requirements along with Cost Economics and Contact details of various stakeholders/ machine manufacturers/ Govt. Agencies/ Possible Buyers etc. Mail us with your requirement. Regards
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    Need Big Black Eilachi (Assam Cardamom) - 10 tonnes

    Need Big Black Eilachi (Assam Cardamom) at Rs.1250 per Kg delhi delivery. Quality - above 3 cm in size, should have black dana inside - should not have more than 5 % moisture and should be deep brownish black in colour Order of 10 tonnes It should be Assam quality only not the Siliguri...
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    Acre to Bigha Conversion

    1 bigha = 0.28 acre 3.63 bigha = 1 acre in madhya pradesh
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    fieldpea temprature stress.

    Sow early varieties like KASHI NANDANI, irrigate properly so that microclimate of the soil could be maintained.
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    What's the profitability on cultivating 300 acrea

    Hi, Depending upon farm business plan you make as per your area, markets, type of investment, duration of crops etc etc. Mail us for details.
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    CAS Agribusiness Services - From Farm to Fork

    Dear Members, We are Delhi based Agribusiness firm which provides complete consulting solutions in agriculture from Farm to Fork. Let us know your interest/ query for further discussion about our services. Mail us for details. Regards
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    need valuable suggestion for agroforestry

    Hi, We provide Farm Advisory Services, we can assist you in developing good farm plan that can provide you better returns based upon your needs and requirements. Do send me mail in this regard. Regards
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    Pusa 1121 Basmati Seeds Available

    Hi, Dear Members, Pusa Basmati 1121 seeds are available. Kindly let us know your requirement. Regards
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    DIC group is the largest Spirulina producer in the world

    operate 2 sophisticated spirulina farms in the world, and consolidated total production capacity is about 800 tons per year, which makes DIC Group the world largest spirulina producer. Earthrise® Nutritionals