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    murrah buffalos

    Hi I have 2 Murrah Buffaloes to give, Both are Competition prize winners with pure blood line, are in 3rd lactation one has just delivered yesterday male calf and the other is 4 months pregnant. Both have recorded peak yields in excess of 19 liters per day in there last lactation. Any interested...
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    bio gas production

    Mr Acclaim, the mail id you gave, mails are bouncing from it. check the mail account.
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    Sugarcane Samplings Bulk Supply

    Stocks sold out, for your information each seedlings will cost 1.75 Rs at the farm. Please add transportation cost to it. If the order is for next year then we can arrange intermediate transit and bring down the transportation costs.
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    Sugarcane Samplings Bulk Supply

    We supply sugarcane healthy samplings between 18-25 days old for direct field transplanting. Currently CO-86032 and COC-671 seedlings are available. Please send me PM for bulk order inquiries.
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    Dairy Farm for Lease

    We are looking out for Existing Dairy Farms with or without animals for annual lease, place should have shed with holding capacity of at least 50 animals, plenty of soft water availability with attached minimum 3 acres of fodder cultivation land. Site should be located within 50 Kms from...
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    Wanted---Murrah Buffaloes---urgent.

    We have 25 Murrah buffaloes DRY and PREGNENT, pregnency between 4 to 9 Months. All are high yielding and have completed 2nd lactation. We are also expecting fresh stock of freshly calved Murrah buffaloes in Karnataka. Interested parties will have a variety of Buffaloes to choose from please...
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    How to take advantage of Indian Retail Industry

    Thanks Kirti for the reference, Do you know how these recent retail gaint's like MORE, Reliance Fresh etc. procure the vegetables. Since they are perishable goods curious to understand their procurement network. Any insights would be helpful.
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    How to take advantage of Indian Retail Industry

    How can the farmer take advantage of retail boom in India. Can someone knowing both the worlds provide more inputs on the procurement network, pitfalls etc.
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    azolla seeds

    As far as i know Azolla dosent flower and seed, they have unique characteristics with their leaves. To propogate the growth you need to get the fresh Azolla culture from your nearest farmer or contact your nearest agriculture university.
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    Original Murrah Buffalos

    Hi, We have these Murrah Buffaloes for Sale. All are 3 Months old confirmed pregnent. One in 4th Lactation will give 17Kg Per Day, Price 32000/- One in 2nd Lactation will give 11-12 Kg Per Day, Price 25000/- One in 3rd Lactation will give 12-13 Kg Per Day, Price 27000/- Three and half year...
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    want to sale Earth worm manure-fertiliser vermicompost in large quntity

    We have 15 tonne of quality certified Vermi compost for sale. Farm Price 3000Rs/ Tonne.
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    Wanted Cow or Buffalo Dung Urgently

    We have 78 Tonnes of quality Cattle Dung at disposal. Every month we can supply 20 Tonnes of pure Dung. We are selling at 1000 RS/ Tonne farm price. Loading labour included. Transportation cost excluded. Our farm is located 30 KM from Hubli, Karnataka. So please calculate the transportation to...