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    Wanted Wanted Agriculture land with good water facilities preferably red soil in Anantapur district

    Pls search Or call 9880415253
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    Wanted 100 acres of agricultural land around Hyderabad

    Pls call me i will arrange land 9880415253 ....Gopi
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    Wanted Need agriculture land near Hyderabad

    Hi How many ACR and aprx total budget Thanks Gopi
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    For Sale 4 acres agri land @ 11 lacs per acre near Hosur

    Pls call 9880415253
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    For Sale Farm land at Lepakshi, Gorantla, Penulonda, Hindupur

    Dear farm land lovers, We will arrnge farm land Good returns and fast developing area Serious buyer can call No time pass LEPAKSHi GORANTLA PENULONDA Hindupur From NVG group Thanks and regards Gopi 9880415253
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    Wanted 50 acers agriculture red soil land

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    I'm from NVG group We will arrnage the farm lands Thaly and denkanakote, bagalur, bereki Call me on 9880415253
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    Wanted Looking to purchase 5 to 10 gunta land in Karnataka

    Yes available near malur
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    For Sale MANGO TREES 600 Nos. Bangalore

    What is the aproch cost
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    Wanted 30 to 50 acrs agri farm land

    30 to 50 acrs agri farm land required From Bangalore 50km Anywhere If you have any land Pls text me 9880415253
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    For Sale Land for sale near Tally and Denkanikottai in Tamilnadu

    We have 4 acr land with one house near Thally, Tamilnadu Also I have 2 acr near Denkanikottai For more details pls call 9880415253 gopi
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    Wanted Wanted agri land around coimbatore or around hosur

    Pls call me 9880415253 Gopi
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    For Sale 60 acers of land which is 125km from Bangalore

    Location from hindupur 30km 2) Road access : BT road face villge 500 mtrs 3) Water facilities(If any) 4) Electricity :close 5) Villages near by: cherukuru 6) availability of supporting labour: 200 rs for labour daily wages 7) How are the property titles and documentation: good one family 8)...
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    Wanted Agriculture land needed

    Call me 9880415253
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    For Sale 30 acr mango farm at Suddhakunta Karnataka .

    30 acr mango farm for sale @suddhakunta Karnataka . Fromidhalli 5km 200 coconut tree 2 bore well Entire property with fencing Single land owner Price Coating 6L per acre Tar Approached Call 9880415253
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    Wanted Agricultural land in Tamilnadu (25acre to 30acre)

    Where in thamilandu pls tell me location We have land near hosur If you interested pls Call 9880415253 Nvg group
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    For Sale Agricultural land any ware in South India - Sale urgent

    We will get back in future
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    For Sale 60 acers of land which is 125km from Bangalore

    Pls call 9880415253