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    Help with Gir Cows

    gir cow you may contact ,he is well known authority in this field and based at may give my reference as Rajnibhai,mumbai.let me know the progress at
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    Biogas Enrichment and its Utilisation Plant

    bio gas mail us your profile and brief project report to:
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    Help with Gir Cows

    gir cow where are you based at?
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    thanks for your response. noted the details,we sure will contact you,when needed.
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    Want organic manure

    compost what is the qty.required?
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    looking for companies,experienced consultants,individuals who can undertake turnkey agriculture projects in india and african with details of projects handled.
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    Require Consultant for fund raising for Agro project

    fund raising pl.correspond at following mail id with details of project: we can work out suitable tie ups and fund raising.
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    Cow dung 100 tons for sale

    cow dung compost let me know location and rate ;
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    Free/Organic Manures Methds/Book it

    Booklet Kindly mail details
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    Corporate agro projects africa

    agri project we are with details:
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    Agriculture implements

    implements mail me details:
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    sudanese arabic gum

    we are looking for bulk importers of sudanese arabic gum
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    Available in bulk qty.GUM ARABIC ,Sudan origin,interested importers
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    sir our requirement of cow dung compost is within Maharashtra
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    sir, Thanks for your interest.we are mailing you directly our proposal for your esteemed organisation.
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    we require cow dung compost in bulk quantity
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    Looking for new or used compacting type granulating machines for 2-4 mm granules from cow dung compost
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    Liquid Organic Fertilizers

    swapnil send details and mail id