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    Wanted I want to buy agricultural land

    whats the price and location. call 9899067566
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    Wanted I need land in Chhattisgarh

    Budget and required quantity of land?
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    want to buy land

    hello mr. surajit, I am looking for land too in and around Kolkata or or any where in West Bengal. did you get any lead? do also share the same if there is any. If its west and dry land nut the rate is cheap and document is clean I am interested. Susomoy Sinha 9899067566
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    very cheap land for sale in up

    Mr. Niraj I am looking for the details about the location ...
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    Farm Land in West Bengal

    See not much of activity ... have you got the land? what price? how is your projects going on? any advice I am planning for mixed farming and looking for land. Susomoy Sinha 9899067566
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    Want to buy/long term lease, Land for Agriculture in West Bengal

    Hello All, I want to buy/long term lease, Land for Agriculture in West Bengal, amenities I am looking for Approach road, Electricity, peace full area and reasonable pricing. Connect with me with land details. I am also looking for like minded people interested in Organic farming to Join...
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    52 acres of Agricultural land is for sale in Mahoba district UP.

    Please provide land details and price. or connect 9899067566
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    Land on lease

    Please provide details of the land, and the expected lease amount and time span.
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    Bangalore - Agri Land group buy

    Very Good Idea, this can not only help in buying land but also be handy in doing farming. This kind of like minded modern people will not only do good but also change the economic topography of the ten villages around the operation.