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    Wanted Turmeric rhyzomes needed

    Please send your requirement details: variety, quantity, delivery time and delivery location. We can supply different varieties of Turmeric mother rhyzomes including Black Turmeric for cultivation - only bulk supply above 100 Kg. Please send private message with your contact details: Click on...
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    Wanted Requirement of Aswagandha Root, Shatavari Root, Moringa

    We can supply the specified herbs and any other herbs in bulk quantity including certified organic herbs. Please send requirement details to
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    Question Need information about procedure of license for the farming of hemp in Uttarakhand.

    Are you doing extraction of Canabidinol from Industrial Hemp? If available, we have a requirement of around 50 Kg/Litre per month for research purpose. Please mail specs of the oil you can supply. Alternatively, we can mail specifications of product we require. Please mail us if available along...
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    Question Information about Agar wood farming at Srikakulam-Dist, Andhra Pradesh

    We provide complete consultancy for Agarwood plantation. Please mail us your land details along with contact details
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    For Sale Indian origin red aloevera plant for Rs.750 per plant in Tamilnadu

    Ple Please send photo of the plant and also specify age of sapling. We would like to buy around 5-10 plants if it is real red aloe vera. Please mail to E:
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    VASOF Farming Training Courses in Bangalore and Thane from June 2019.

    We are offering Vriksha Ayurveda, Spiritual and Organic Farming (VASOF) Training Course starting from June 2019 at our Training Farms near Bangalore and Thane. Training Farm Locations, Course Schedules and Last Date for Applying for Admission: 1. Training Farm, South Bangalore: Gadi Palya...
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    For Sale Vanilla Extraction Grade, Vanilla Saplings and Best Quality Clove from Kerala Farmers for Sale

    Vanilla Extraction Grade: Direct from our member farmers of Kerala, TN and Karnataka. Total Stock Available for Immediate Sale: > 2 MT (Mixed Stock: 50% First Grade, 30% Second Grade, 20% Third Grade). Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kg. Vanilla Tissue culture saplings and stem cuts also available...
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    For Sale Best quality areca nut (Betel Nut) bulk supply direct from farmers of Kerala

    Best quality areca nut (betel nut) bulk supply direct from farmers of Kerala. Areca nut dried and ready for regular supply-large quantity available at best competitive price. Please mail us with quantity required to E:
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    Wanted Deleted

    Please see mails with attachments from E: Please check spam folder if mails are not found in your inbox within few hours.
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    Question Need information on setting-up plant nursery in Mumbai

    Please mail us for details with your details of land to be used for nursery, your investment capacities etc. So that we can mail you with copy to our associate in Mumbai and then you can call him and meet for further discussions. Please mail to E:
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    Namma Farm - Quick Build Farm House

    You may have achieved a dream to have a farm and farm house, and writing about the experience is fine and may help others who are on the same dream track. But to tell you frankly (and also all others in this thread), there are lot of wrong steps/actions/systems you have followed, which will...
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    For Sale High quality cambodia turmeric seeds

    Ok. Mr. Ganesh (GK Exports, Bangalore) had told me earlier about this turmeric farming project in Cambodia and I have checked with him whether you are the same person and he confirmed it. Will get back to you soon regarding your mail. All best. Please see our diverse posts in this site about...
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    For Sale Lands suitable for farm resort/home stay in main tourist routes, near Adimaly, Idukki Dist, Kerala

    Please send a mail request for further details and price expected etc to E:
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    For Sale Best Quality River Sand for Horticulture Farm Projects, especially for farms with black soil.

    Best quality river sand is an essential input for horticulture crop projects, especially when the farm soil is black. River sand can assure more smoothness to your fruit, flower and leaf crop products by assuring sufficient supply of silica. This is all the more important for crops like Mango...
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    For Sale High quality cambodia turmeric seeds

    Can you deliver 1 MT to Karnataka (Bangalore)? What will be the per kg cost for delivery to Bangalore? Please mails us product photograph and rate quote for delivery to Bangalore. Please mail to E:
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    For Sale Kashmir Saffron Direct from Farmers at Lowest Possible Prices Available Now.

    We offer Pure and Organic Kashmir Saffron products direct from our member farmers in Kashmir. Only wholesale supply of the following products offered. Product prices will vary based on international market conditions and quantity orders. Products Available Now: 1. Saffron Mongra-Whole 2. Organic...
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    For Sale Vanilla dry pods for eExtraction and vanilla saplings for planting direct from Farmers

    Best quality Vanilla Dry Pods for extraction and other uses available. Ready stock available Ex. Kerala > 1.5 MT. Direct from farmers. Also Vanilla saplings for planting: Tissue culture and stem cuts available direct from farmers. Only limited ready stock of <> 2000 available. Further quantity...
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    For Sale Lands suitable for farm resort/home stay in main tourist routes, near Adimaly, Idukki Dist, Kerala

    An excellent location for farm stay/home stay on main tourist road of Kerala: Kochi/Aluva-Munnar Road (SH 16: Kochi-Madurai-Dhanushkodi Highway), at Koompanpara town, 6 KM from Adimaly Town. Road touching land, on the left side, towards Munnar from Adimaly: Total 11 cents for immediate sale at...
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    For Sale Best quality clove in bulk quantity direct from Farmers of Kerala

    Best quality Clove for Sale with our farmers of Kerala (South Kerala) Bulk quantity around 20 MT ready stock available for immediate sale. Price as per daily market price in Kerala. Only bulk sale possible. Please mail us quantity required to get best competitive price quote to E...
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    Wanted Farmer brothers of Chhattisgarh state to cultivate medicinal plants

    We can provide complete consultancy services (from farm design to marketing of marketing of products) for medicinal plants and other high value crops farming. Please see our diverse posts about medicinal plants farming, high value crops, VASOF and consultancy services in this site. Search for...